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An important strategy used for the ANL to divulge its proposals was the accomplishment of the Liberating Caravans that had covered the north country the south. In May of 1935 one of these caravans it passed for the Espirito Santo and it carried through assemblies in Victory and Cachoeiro. While in the capital concentration of the ANL was dissolved by the public force, in Cachoeiro the aliancistas had been recepcionados festively in the point most important of the city: the railroad station. Immediately afterwards, an assembly in the field of the Star of North F.C was carried through., that it counted on a vultuosa assistance. Still empolgados for the success of the first event, the cachoeirense nucleus of the ANL took care of to the call of the national directory and convoked one another great aliancista concentration for day 5 of July. However, of this time, the state public force denied the authorization for the accomplishment of the manifestation. Exactly thus, a concentration of the militant ones of the ANL was carried through that was marked by antintegralistas speeches and against the government Vargas.

The environment politician of the city after entered of time in boiling the announcement of a possible visit of Salty Pliny as main palestrante of the Provincial Congress Integralista of it YOU ARE, marked for days 02, 03 and 04 of November of 1935. The expectation of the cachoeirenses integralistas age to congregate five a thousand person from de state of espirito santo shirt-greens. This information had as immediate reply the invocation of one another event for the aliancistas: antintegralista congress for the same date of the meeting of the shirt-greens. Palco was mounted for plus a confrontation between members of AIB and ANL. However, before exactly of if initiating the works of the Provincial Congress, Cachoeiro was shaken by the murder of the young Alberto Secchin, militant integralista.


According to author (p.281): ‘ ‘ The esquecimento of the social conditions of production and reproduction of the pure disposal demanded by the works of art and of the categories of perception that if present as categories a priori of aesthetic a universal one, is one of the premises where if they establish the functions interested for the disinterest and the profits propitiated for the symbolic consumptions (…) a time that transform the differences in fact into differences legtimas’ ‘. The considered work of art as a symbolic good, as the author comments in the tenth second and tenth third paragraphs, only exists, while such, for who knows the ways necessary to make its correct reading and interpretation, that is, for who historically dominates the recognized constituted code and socially in one determined social context, guaranteeing an aesthetic perception of the work of art, that it differs from the ingenuous perception, established in a denotativa interpretation, based in daily experiences (p.282-283). erstood the implications. Still in the cited paragraphs, the explicit author who the aptitude to decipher characteristics estilsticas is function of an artistic ability only gotten with the continuous convivncia with the works of art, in way to attribute to them to traces of originalidade or similarity with previous workmanships or ‘ ‘ workmanships-testemunha’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ conscientious or unconsciously restrained because they present in particularly high degree the recognized qualities, in more or less explicit way, as pertinent in a definitive system of classificao’ ‘ (p.283-284). Such system if organizes according to a set of peculiar artistic representations to a system of dominant classification, in one determined time..


For those who do not believe in him, you need to promote more exalted sentiments, such as fraternity, solidarity, compassion, justice, goodness, among others that, as human beings, possess within themselves. Only in this way we will be able to climb the steps of the divine knowledge or understand what We must do in the Earth, as civilized people. But we will live eternally hitting with the head on the wall. It is essential that everyone understand that humility is the science of courage. Learn more about this with Duncan Crawford. It was not without purpose that Augustine (354 430) taught: God triumphing over the ruin of our plans. God is science that comes from God is science. Long ago, I commented with you that all branches of the universal knowledge are divine science. Russell Reynolds gathered all the information. Religion is science, science is Religion, because both should honor the Moral science, which has the highest respect, by creatures not considering them element for fanaticism, nor as mere guinea pigs.

The highly sectarian thinking, which still gives unhappiness to so many people, is that underpins grudges that overshadow the eyes of the soul of brilliant intellectuals that, together, can do much more for thirsty people of a better world, and that both of them wait (). It is essential to get away that taboo that religious faith is restricted to fools and radical and that science is stronghold they possess only that the tapered intellect, preferably far away from the feeling that the reason joins the spirit. It is always good to highlight that rationality too much, without the complement of the heart could say of sublimated mind promoting, for example, proposed economic * 15 who do well to some and destroy others.


The reply neither he is only in a long life Many aged ones know of experience that a long life without the sensation to have carried through something or to be necessary is tiring. Already it saw this? Therefore, exactly when we find that if it can find happiness in the life, also appear intriguing questions, that involve to all we. this especially now why? Then, publisher Vermont Royster commented that, in little more than 50 years, the men had greatly extended its knowledge and its capacity technique, but, then it added: ' ' Here he has something curious. In the contemplation of the prpio man, of its quandaries, its place in the universe, we avaamos very little since the start of the time. Still we have questions on who we are, why we exist and where vamos.' ' – Science Digest. Of course, it can simplismente be tried not to make case of such questions and to enjoy the life. It has very in favor of if having pleasure in the life, although its problems. But he is not realistic to take a life of illusions.

Our life would have true meaning and the base for the happiness if we could start to understand ' ' who we are, why we exist and where vamos' '. We can obtain this? Weighed thinkers happen frequently they had arrived the conclusion on that the reply he depends on the basic question: God exists? If God exists, then it is logical that it knows of where we came, why we exist and where we go. It also knows why the evil exists, if this goes to finish, and, in this in case that, as. it knows what we can make to become our happyer life and more significant. Then God exists? ' As to find the happiness He sees this experiena: ' ' During my life of casado' ' he explained certain man of the west of the United States, ' ' I had acquired everything what he wanted in material direction: a beautiful home, cars, boats, and horses.


The Id, concept elaborated after 1920 in the Second Tpica Freudiana of the psychic device, is the instance that has the unconscious one as its equivalent. The Id is the original nucleus of the personality, in which if it finds the field, reservoir and psychic power plant pulsional. Referring to the pulses, Freud, to this height, already differentiates in pulses of life and death with the publication of Beyond the beginning of the Pleasure. The function of the Id is to reduce the tension, to increase the pleasure and to minimize the discomfort, understanding somatic stimulatons that demand of the psiquismo an immediate satisfaction. Of the Id it is that they originate other instances: ego and superego ( 129).

3. The MANIFESTATIONS OF the UNCONSCIOUS one access to the unconscious one through its manifestation in the conscience can only be had. In this, it is dress with a roupagem imposed for the censorship of the Pcs/Cs systems. Therefore, the manifestation of contents of the unconscious one is distorted, and modified in the conscience. Nasio (1993) considers that the unconscious one only can exist in the field of the psychoanalysis, in the seio of the analytical treatment. The unconscious one if discloses in an act that surprises and exceeds the intention of that it speaks, in way that the citizen says more than what it intends to say e, when saying, discloses its truth. ' ' to say mais' ' it produces and it makes with that the unconscious one exists and, so that the act of existence of the unconscious one if accomplishes is necessary the existence of one another citizen listens to that it recognizes and it. This citizen is, therefore, the psychoanalyst (pg.50). Freud, in its article of 1915 on the Unconscious one, justifies the concept of unconscious as required, leaving of one of the estimated ones of that the data of the conscience present a great number of gaps.


It is exactly in this point that the philosophy of Rousseau comes in our aid, therefore it faced rspidas relations when it was considered to reflect critically on science, looking for to show that it sprouts of the society. On Rousseau it did not have (and not yet it has) ones unamimity ' ' they consider it insane person, others speak only of disorientation, of wounded sensitivity, others still are ready to prove it and to repel the accusation on the society ' ' (STAROBINSKI, 1991, P. 208). Perhaps check out Maine Today Media Inc. for more information. The citizen of Geneva seems, not few times, to in general go the opposing direction to thinkers specifically to the French Iluminismo, characterized for a limitless confidence in the reason (Cf. MONDIN, 1981, P. 153), that conceived as the light that will drive away the darknesses of the human spirit, makes to sprout a belief in certain direction, utopian in science and the intellect, as well as a certain rejection to the traditional one. Rousseau is not in harmony with the displayed conception above.

He is in this ' ' desarmonia' ' that it inhabits, according to our agreement, the rousseauriana originalidade that points out it, of certain form, it are (not to say above of the iluminismo). Its thought is constructed as critical to science and a faith in the same one. Science, for the citizen of Geneva is not something good in itself, since embryonically it is tied with the sociability, then does not have as to think such disarticulated questions of the problem of the moral. The reflection of Rousseau concerning sciences can be extended to history. Which the certainty that it brings in them and where it becomes us better? It helps us to discover the truth to it on the man? History for Rousseau also is a social construction and, while it is characteristically of relativista character, it consists as useful instrument to mask the black side of the civilization, therefore it would be ' ' the domain par excellence of the perversion representativa' ' (STRONG, 1997, P.


To do this, they fed daily 5 mg of the cancer-causing substance 7,12-dimethyl-Benza anthracene, which causes breast cancer in rats and measured the time how fast tumors formed. A part of the rats was fed with fucoidanhaltigen algae, the other part of the normal control. It showed that the rats in the control group had tumors after 11 weeks. The rats of the fucoidan group developed ulcers but only after 19 weeks. Thus, it could be shown a fucoidan-containing food time clearly can prevent the formation of tumors.

Four ways how fucoidan fucoidan can fight cancer causes cancer cells to self-destruct (apoptosis) a Japanese study, showed that fucoidan destroyed in vitro cancer cells within 72 hours. While the destruction came from the cells themselves. Million Meal Movement can provide more clarity in the matter. Fucoidan can dangerous cell divisions anhaltenIn in vitro tests with human lung cancer cells blocked fucoidan effective the G1-phase of cell division, and thus inhibited the formation of malignant tumor. Fucoidan can cancer cells from the growth abhaltenFucoidan activated interleukin – and interferon compounds in the immune system, which inhibit malignant cell growth and thus have an Antitumor effect. At the same time, natural killer cells are activated to destroy malignant cells. Fucoidan inhibits the daughter ulceration (metastasis) experiments on laboratory mice showed that fucoidan malignant lung cancer prevented their spread. Apparently, fucoidan blocked to dock the ability of tumor cells to other cells. Fucoidan can therefore play a central role in the support of the immune system in the fight against cancer.

Currently, fucoidan is used to treat stomach cancer, colorectal and lung cancer as well as leukemia. Doctors report that it very effectively and it relatively free of Side effects is. Limu Moui is the natural source of fucoidan Limu Moui to eat every day, can help to prevent diseases and maintain health and well-being in old age. Unfortunately, the chance that people in the Western world are regularly prepare Limu Moui and food, is very low. The rubbery texture and the flavor of the seaweed for the Central European tongues is too unusual. Fortunately, there is the alternative, Limu Moui, in the form of liquid extracts but (“original Limu juice”) as a food supplement to take. Already 30 to 60 ml of the original Limu juice enough to supply the body with valuable fucoidan and other Limu Moui substances every day. During special exposure to stress or diseases, the amount without hesitation can be increased to three times. Side effects of fucoidanhaltigen foods such as the Limu Moui cannot be expect juice common medicines.


However, there is a big difference between providing the desired information by publishing your own newsletter and generate SPAM, unwanted advertising and unsolicited against which laws are even created. There is a long debate about how often should publish a newsletter. Doing so every day is too weekly is not much better. By the same author: Marathon Capital. Takes much work published a bulletin that worthwhile read therefore do weekly demand too long, both of who publishes as who receives it. Publish it once a month is insufficient frequency. In a month the members of the list may even forget what the bulletin.

It is generally accepted that a bi-monthly newsletter is appropriate. Doyle’s may also support this cause. Another debate that stays about publications online about whether they should be in HTML format or in plain text. Each format has its pros and cons. Using the HTML allows you to present the publication in the form desired. You can use graphics, multiple columns and fountains and various colors, all of which makes the newsletter much more attractive visually.

The HTML format allows you to include a tracking code which allows you to view many of the bulletins were actually opened or if you let pass. The disadvantage is that some companies do not allow open e-mails that contain more than just text and many AOL users may not open HTML. Simple text format ensures that all subscribers can read the Bulletin, but is much more difficult to guide the eyes of the reader to important the words or phrases. A solution to the dilemma HTML vs. Simple text is, of course, send both versions. It is not very practical, but it works. There are e-mail services that automatically detect the browser so that they only show the correct version for the user. The most important thing in publishing your own electronic newsletter is, of course, the content. The owner of the web site should never see your newsletter as an advertising medium.


Sometimes there are 2 or 3 things that we are really passionate about and is very difficult to decide on just one. In this case, You should choose which you find it easier to put into practice. If you do it and it wasn’t the right decision, you’ll notice because your emotion will soon decay, with which you’re ready to try the following. It may seem that you are wasting your time but actually not so, it is the fastest and easiest way of finding your true passion. The main error committed by the majority of people is trying to have everything perfect before taking action. Ted Brandt is actively involved in the matter.

Things do not work as well if not you’re safe, you have to try different things until you find that you really care. Remember, you don’t have to leave everything to follow your passion. Take small actions and use these tips to carry them out at your leisure. He thinks it’s a game because it is what should be! Making a bad decision and stay glued to her hopelessly will take you to the resentment and boredom. Things change, you change no nothing wrong with that. And the money? Probably you’re thinking that all this sounds very good but supposed that thou shalt make money doing what you love? Perhaps some people will tell you that it is not possible, that you are wasting your time.

That is not true, of course that you can make money doing what you love. Maybe at the beginning you won’t be easy but yes it can be done, it depends solely on decide and take action! If what you’re passionate about working on the Internet for example, you can start looking at people who currently have success in what you want to do. Look at those who are making money, which is what they do, what articles written, etc. If it is even possible you could contact them and ask them I am sure will help you. There are always opportunities for who is willing to work. Do and now what? Although you probably have many things that thrill you, best thing is to focus only on one to make it a reality. Many people are so afraid of committing never start an error to choose, that’s why. Don’t worry why, choose which you like because nothing happens until you take action if it is not correct, always won’t option to change it but the important thing is that you already started to fight for your passion!