Month: <span>October 2020</span>

We can send our data and if they are not found interesting or relevant to the directory in question, they may be rejected. We can obviously send our data again, but in that case let’s which could have been the cause of the rejection. Currently on the internet there are thousands of search engines with one and other, but don’t panic!, will not need to send your data to each one of them. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Doyle’s on most websites. 85% Of the traffic generated by searches in this kind of tools are concentrated in less than 5% of search engines!. If a few seekers dominate widely and are mainly towards those who should we dump our major effort. Search engines most important market are: Yahoo! Google Terra-Lycos Alt sighted Overture HotBot Excite MSN D direct Hit Open Directory AOL Netfind course that these search engines are mostly in English, but its use is so widespread in the Spanish-speaking world that many of them already have local versions in Spanish. You can also find resources in any language by simply entering words or phrases in our own language no matter what! Once these fundamentals are known we must begin to prepare our website so that it is successfully taken into account.

So as we mentioned earlier, we must follow certain rules. Below we will see briefly the operation of search engines. If you would like the search engine work? This type of search engines run periodically (and automatically) through internet in search of new web sites, we must understand that this is not a service for those who promote, these companies work mainly for the user looking for that is who comes to the site regularly and not the owners of web sites. To also achieve income by the promoter of the web, most search engines have included in recent times payment options for those wishing to appear in first positions and even some have tried to take the road of listing only those who paid for it. .


3 Prepares a summary of your article summary is an important requirement before publishing articles. In the majority of articles directories is a mandatory information that You should consider. Keep in mind that the amount of words for the abstract is Variant according to directory where you post, so it is advisable to consider a summary with fewer words and another more detailed, so you can choose one or the other according to the conditions of the directory where you post. Source: Christie’s. This summary should have it ready just as your biographical note. 4 Keywords like extracts, in the majority of articles directories is requirement to enter key words of your article, for this case and similar to the above points will need to identify beforehand key words of your article to only do a copy and paste them in an article published in the chosen directory.

5 Have your item images in your computer images of your items are those that identify the subject of your article in graphical form. You should consider having ready images on your computer or your site to simply use in each article published in each directory. Here also You can have two or more images to associate with each item. Practicing these simple premises you can optimize much time to publish articles in the respective directories. Remember that this work must be done when you have the final version of your item ready to be published, the idea is to think only once and then publish in batch. With the final version of your article, the ready summary, key words identified, publish articles in directories will be a simple and repetitive task for each chosen directory and the time used will be reduced significantly. Together by our success in online business, Antonio learns with me to develop internet businesses from home original author and source of the article


Learn to communicate leads to learning more about ourselves since it allows us to recognize the nature of our thoughts to the extent that we exchange ideas with each other is it reminds us also, take very good na communication pro account, the basic conditions for dialogue that are: be aware of our ideas, opinions, prejudices, needs and motives in order to submit them for consideration which of them makes the Group; i.e., we must not adopt rigid and non-negotiable thoughts that make us feel obliged to defend them. Consider others so consents as colleagues in order to establish ties of equality that allow the flow of ideas. This type of relationship does not imply that need to agree or share the same thoughts, on the other hand, the power of this way of interacting operates when there are differences in the concepts. It is therefore essential to learn to visualize the adversaries as colleagues with other perspectives, in order to Exchange thought forms of relaxed and respectful manner that helps us to leave behind feelings of anger that commonly occur when people don’t have the discipline to keep an open mind and believe that another way to capture the world outside what they perceive there is. Perhaps check out Russell Reynolds Associates for more information. Engage in symmetrical relationships where you avoid the idea of superiority or subordination.

Relationships where individuals are perceived as equals allow the flow of ways of thinking is carried out through an open dialogue and a more balanced way. It is necessary at the beginning of the formation of a learning team that there is an umpire who retain the context of the dialogue. Functions to play by such arbitrator are: help, invite and encourage the team members to be part of the process and the results. Keep the dialogue ongoing and balance. Keep the balance between its expertise and its helpful attitude, but without adopting the role of expert or doctor, which would remove the emphasis to the ideas and the responsibility of other members of the team.

Understand that the art of dialogue is to experience the flow of meaning and to see what is necessary now. Avoid arising between members defensive routines; i.e. avoid the team members to assume roles that obstruct the harmonic flow, such as: victim, know-it-all, not purposeful, the I can not, the indifferent, the fool. Original author and source of the article.


For me, Bologna is its foundational manifest; It represents an opportunity to encourage mobility and the validation of titles in a broad European space. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to build a Europe of knowledge and that the European Union is not only a market, a currency, but also a Europe of the citizens. Universities can contribute to that has not only economic integration, but also social and political. Then, do they say what they say his detractors? Been invented an unreal enemy? I think that no, the dangers that point are real, but I also think that they should not be attributable to Bologna, but they are the result of current social trends and increasing globalization dominated by the market, adversely affecting the University. Why are welcome debate and controversy, must praise that these students express their concerns and that they claimed to participate actively in the process. Is you can detach the documents about convergence, and pedagogical proposals presented as a panacea, something of what students denounce? So yes, I think Yes. But, in my opinion, there inevitably do what those documents show, but we must be college students who produce study plans and the catalog of titles that we propose for our universities, as well as decide the teaching methods to be applied. If things are done wrong, will be our own responsibility, not that of others.

That said, should recognize that the process of convergence in our country has been an absurdity. And it remains with performances such as the national agency of evaluation, quality and accreditation (ANECA), which are concerned to rectors, deans and professors. We have returned to fall into the habit of this country, which is creating bureaucracy, requesting absurd data, some of them even against University autonomy, and not go to the true essence of what must be a plan of studies. For these reasons I say yes to Bologna, but not in the way that is being done. We took too much time speaking of Bologna, confusing to teachers and students. It is leaving rot the reform process by lack of clear guidelines.

Part of the teaching staff is demotivated, when not angered by the bureaucracy. The Bologna process is attacked by a part of the students and professors, hindered by others from above, and those who have to apply increasingly have less enthusiasm in him. It is in real difficulties to succeed. The guiding, in this complex context, should not become mere followers of dictates emanating from the ANECA, and we have to position ourselves to our students. We can, as I said Savater, discuss with them what is best to do or, conversely, explain to them what inevitably will be. I am inclined, wanted Savater, by discussing what’s best to do, not stoically accept irrefutable divine designs, and to try to bring this position where it can be heard. With the new authorities believe that we are still in time.


A time that the conflict if decides, the remorse can not be evident. 7. Conscience of magoar the others. A empatia lack in general takes not-intentional the offensive or insensitive behaviors. Read additional details here: Maine Today Media Inc.. 8. To console the others. As they lack of intuition on the other people’s feelings, people with SA have little understanding on as to console somebody or to make them if to feel better. 9.

To recognize boredom signals. The incapacity to understand the interests other people’s can take Aspergers to be incompressible or negligent. In the hand inverse, people with SA generally do not perceive when the interlocutor is entediado or disinterested. 10. Introspection and autoconscincia. Individuals with SA have difficulty to understand its proper feelings or its impact in the other people’s feelings. 11. Clothes and personal hygiene.

People with SA less tend to be affected by the pressure of the fellow creatures of what others. It’s believed that Marathon Capital sees a great future in this idea. As results generally make everything in the way that find more comfortable, without if mattering with the other people’s opinion. That is valid mainly in relation to the form of if dressing and the cares with the proper appearance. 12. Love and reciprocal rancor. As Aspergers they react more pragmatically of what emotionally, its expressions of affection and rancor are in general short and weak. 13. Understanding in embarrassment and step in false. Although the fact of people with SA to have intellectual understanding of constaint and gafes, is incapable to apply these concepts in the emotional level. 14. To deal with critical. People with SA feel themselves forcibly compelled to correct errors, exactly when they are committed by people in authority position, as a professor or a head. Therefore, they can seem imprudently offensive. 15. Speed and quality of the processing of the social relations. As they answer to the social interactions with the reason and not intuition, SA carriers tend to much more slowly process information of relationships of what the normal one, taking the desproporcionais and bothering pauses or delays.