Writer Tip: Pictorial Writing

They lack fire and PEP, lightness, and elegance. Or put another way: you are missing a language that touches the senses. Our language is incredibly rich in images. Who is able to take advantage of this treasure, wins the interest of its readers immediately. Stefan Gottschling, author and owner of the text Academy GmbH in Augsburg, Germany, has published the most important rules for the use of pictorial terms in his “dictionary of the word worlds. We introduce you to them! Rule No.

1: images must voices be… The deeper you go in the world of a Word, the more risk that you get lost there is greater. Therefore beware of image errors in the reader’s mind movies. The captain, leading his ship safely through the reef, should go not to the bottom of things. This is a beautiful metaphor for the trait of conscientious people, but the bottom of the sea is not necessarily the place where we are to imagine the ship. And if a skin cream crucial for pure, beautiful skin, the message is guaranteed to be counterproductive.

Also, the watchdog which has everything he does, hand and foot, seems rather strange. If he has the right idea for hazards and uninvited visitors but the picture is coherent. Stay rule no. 2: in a world! An iron rule: do not mix. Too much Word imagery in the text sets a shambles in the mind of the reader. So you can not full steam ahead into the safe haven of marriage control to get into pole position The word worlds do not match marine and Motorsports. Particularly applies when different worlds in one sentence. By the way, sometimes caution is in order if it remains in a word world. Because a little weird that sounds if you will meet the head of the expedition at the foot of the mountain. Rule No. 3: defy the attraction and not too long to keep images! Who found the entry in a word world, encounters quickly many puns and witty formulations. The text makes it fun enticing but also too playful texts, where the actual statement quickly falls into the background. Word worlds suitable products to put in the image and to give them a new shine. But not too long to keep your images. Deal with sales-oriented texts sparingly with language images, because if your reader in pictures revels, it can be difficult to retrieve him again on the floor of your reservations process facts. A rule of thumb: If a sentence with metaphor was written, a set without metaphor should be followed. Less is more… Do not construct rule no. 4: with violence! Sometimes a word world writing to access seems close, but we will not achieve them. Not compulsively try to construct a word world. Something is doomed to failure from the outset and is leaning images rather embarrassing. A reader-friendly and precise language is a prerequisite for understandable texts. Added strong language pictures: excellent. What are word worlds suitable for titles and credits? Or to a topic to introduce, to connect the end of the contribution on the initial screen of the same word world and so complete the text. Well, enrich and expand word worlds also image issues booklets, brochures, and Web pages. Back to the techniques for writing overview with the kind permission of Andrea Hirschi (www.post.ch/ direct print).