Wooden Doors

In the production of wood doors specialists are forced to take into account all the nuances. Durability and flawless operation doors from the array depends on the observance of the manufacturers of all cycles of technological process in their manufacture. In preparing the raw materials it needs to be carefully dried for some time. If use is not completely dried or overdried wood, then there are a lot of problems, such as: cracks, deformation. In turn, this leads to the destruction of the aesthetic properties of the board. In the early wood dried under natural weather conditions under the canopies. The next step is a vacuum chamber – guarantees the absence of cracks on the surface of the door from the array. The final step is soaking, priming and painting door.

The final and the final touch – the paint composition, which protects the wood from moisture. Lacquer coating quality doors shall consist of not less than four layers. Thanks to the constant robot professionals to improve the quality in the operation of doors, on sale there were derivatives of wood. Such wood is not only has different characteristics and no less important to the consumer a low price, compared with natural wood. At the moment there are three types of such timber: Plates on the basis of medium-density fiber (MDF) Particle board (chipboard) plywood boards on the basis of medium-density fiber (MDF) have property to maintain its geometric dimensions for a long period of time. The main advantage of mdf is the ideal combination of hardness and thickness.