Wolfgang Herrmann

And abound the emotional moments of seduction without question on “Sea of tears of joy”. Moving single candidate “Who say you ‘re” is of special, magical, perhaps even erotic moments and has a real background. The “Queen of the ballad” delighted us in the here and now with this registered anthem that touches and stimulates thinking. “I’m close people, a real friend in the song a”, enthuses Mara. “We rarely see us, but these meetings are connected with the eternal attention on new divine moments full of inspiration and profound joy,.” Nothing would be to add. The gentle love song “You’re my reality”, which is found as a very successful Duet with Wolfgang Herrmann as a bonus track on the album is a more beautiful ballad. Another favorite song of maras is the fleet with rock ‘ n’ roll and brass elements fitted “For me”.

How many times you hear words like “because of you we too late come”, “because of you I have with my friend fighting”,”because of you I have now an excuse me”an endless list of”Deinetwegens”, which the any own fault so skillfully outside before starting. Reason to sing enough for Mara just this topic. Another single tip is the Fiery “Stay with me”. Guitars and castanets Flamenco kidnap us hot-blooded musical South. Also, there is a true story: “It was a night of San Juan in Mainz,” Mara recalled.

“A woman had been drinking much too much. It was romantic. And the man at her side is demanding. Later I saw closely entwined around the corner, turn the two and imagined how it might be also nice without too much alcohol, all currently living the beautiful moment.” And so it goes, twelve musical pearls form a noble glittering chain out to an excellent pop album. “Sea of joy tears” is another piece in the puzzle to the musical self of a great artist. Mara Kayser gives us this proof: she’s a true Champion of musical seduction. With this record, she’s arrived on an important goal: music, lyrics and voice are one. The color of her voice determined the musical atmosphere of the whole album, which this round and harmonious. A real masterpiece of a real champion of the Queen of the Ballad of Mara Kayser. Source: Cooking music is universal for more information, Mara Kayser the album “Sea of tears of joy” (No. CD 1794190) from the May 15, 2009 in commercially available.