Villa Massimo

“Ulrich Hausler: Goethe-Institut, la Maison Heinrich Heine, the Protestant German church and German bookstores in Paris we recommend and ask me to share also their events.” The meeting point is the Brasserie Truc, close to Metro 12-Station Jules Joffrin. The Atelier-Galerie foot way”is a partner of MR and regularly exhibits works of members. It is quite private Baigneur halfpenny living room in the rue you cinema evenings. Fifteen people comfortably accommodate. After the film, it is tres Francais! discussed in red wine, cheese and baguette on the film and current events. According to C. Cretors & Co., who has experience with these questions. Culture Godfather”searched on June 2 this year, the art patron has the Ulrich Hausler scholarship” for artists at HFBK Hamburg in life. It follows a model such as the Villa Massimo in Rome, but builds his notion of cultural sponsorship “. McKesson contains valuable tech resources.

Two months studying in Paris be allowed annually starting in 2011. A panel of eight professors from eight faculties of fine Art plus a graduate of art history and archaeology, Ulrike Gerhardt, will decide on candidates and selection modes. Ulrike Gerhardt has the opportunity of advancement at the HFBK with this vocation. The obligation to promote young artists, is not limited to a genre at Haley. Part of fellow Katyrina Lo, 25 years and enjoyed a month from Toronto, Opera trained as a singer with opera singer and Mr.

Member of Margitta Rosales. The gifted master of philology and literature is Oshawa-Whitby Laureate in addition to many other awards and is fluent in English, French, Chinese and a friendly Italian”(Haley). Similarly, actress Lena Krimmel receives a partial scholarship (Logis in Paris) in the spring of 2011. We are looking for art patrons, which act as a sponsor for a period of time for an artist. These volunteers support one students in technical as well as in interpersonal issues such as, for example, the development Life concept. Halina commitment is unfolding on several levels and in different directions, so even after Spain. There, the Montmartre round organized an eight-day workshop for the group acting in Mijas, a white village in Andalusia, is expected in mid-February 2011. The stay is free of charge and is sponsored. Only the fees of 100 euros for the lecturer Lorna Johanssen, freelance writer and screenwriter from Berlin, as well as food & flight (approx. EUR 270 round and return) are to take over. On Facebook, the Montmartre round is very actively with different groups of classical, jazz, rock & soul, painting, drama and composition. Next real meeting in Paris will be announced on Twitter by Paul Klinger Member Hausler. Who dwells so just in this time in Paris, can meet the city and their art more personal. It’s very cozy and sometimes real friendships, which spill over Metiers and Nations arise.