Vermont Royster

The reply neither he is only in a long life Many aged ones know of experience that a long life without the sensation to have carried through something or to be necessary is tiring. Already it saw this? Therefore, exactly when we find that if it can find happiness in the life, also appear intriguing questions, that involve to all we. this especially now why? Then, publisher Vermont Royster commented that, in little more than 50 years, the men had greatly extended its knowledge and its capacity technique, but, then it added: ' ' Here he has something curious. In the contemplation of the prpio man, of its quandaries, its place in the universe, we avaamos very little since the start of the time. Still we have questions on who we are, why we exist and where vamos.' ' – Science Digest. Of course, it can simplismente be tried not to make case of such questions and to enjoy the life. It has very in favor of if having pleasure in the life, although its problems. But he is not realistic to take a life of illusions.

Our life would have true meaning and the base for the happiness if we could start to understand ' ' who we are, why we exist and where vamos' '. We can obtain this? Weighed thinkers happen frequently they had arrived the conclusion on that the reply he depends on the basic question: God exists? If God exists, then it is logical that it knows of where we came, why we exist and where we go. It also knows why the evil exists, if this goes to finish, and, in this in case that, as. it knows what we can make to become our happyer life and more significant. Then God exists? ' As to find the happiness He sees this experiena: ' ' During my life of casado' ' he explained certain man of the west of the United States, ' ' I had acquired everything what he wanted in material direction: a beautiful home, cars, boats, and horses.