Values Earthlings, How?

Assistance – an overview of facts and trends a billion people hungry or suffers from lack of clean water. Every 3 seconds a person dies from these effects. And on the other hand, in many countries there are dramatic increases in obesity. More than one third US Americans is obese. The world population has tripled over the last 70 years and it continues to grow. The people are getting older. The life expectancy on the rise for many years. In Europe an average of approximately 3 months per year.

The challenges here are among other things the social security systems, the labour market and the social cohesion. In the disposable and affluent exceeded the limits to a steady growth. In the last 20 years, many States beyond their means have lived and accumulated debt. Nevertheless, unemployment is rising. In the EU, more than every fifth young person has no work. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dolly Parton by clicking through. Would all people on this earth live like, for example, the Americans, then the necessary areas of multiple Earth would this are not sufficient.

Factory farming continues to grow, the meat factories are getting bigger. In industrial animal husbandry many billion animals are tortured life and live for the death. In the last 100 years, people through their actions have noticeably affects the climate and banked so that in the longer term acting external influences. The human-caused climate change will bring suffering and death the people in many regions of the world. The increasing globalisation of the economy is clearly detected in the development of the volume of world trade. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the growth of world trade is significantly above the growth of the global economy. There are unnecessary and unreasonable transport and distribution structures for T.. For example, for food, which could be produced at close range. In a hundred years, people have grown in millions of years much of”consumes fossil fuels (and the fossil water supplies in drought regions). The sources of usable for the human fossil Energy sources are becoming increasingly scarce. Money is mutated into an end in itself. In the last 20 years, have increased the financial transactions to more than ten times and is now more than ten times of the performance of the world economy. Speculation with for derivatives decoupled from the underlying, short selling and high-frequency trading, destabilize and destroy a continuous development. More and more enterprises will be taken over by financial speculators. The interest lies in the greatest possible return in profit. The public has no voice. The targeted, short-term profit is often in conflict with development processes and longer-term consequences. The economy of scale”boosted the trend to the size. But often, the environmental and social costs are”not taken into account. Lack of transparency and the missing close to employees, customers and suppliers are limits of size. Within a system of national economies, longer-term (structural) imbalances in the current account balances lead to the collapse of the system. A unified currency system for mixed economies takes the economies a key regulator (and thus also the initiator) for a balanced current account. Robert Lackner