Tula Manufacturing

In 1992 he founded Open Joint Stock Company "Dzerzhinskhimmash." In October, 2006 – JSC "Dzerzhinskhimmash" became part of the Industrial Group "Generation". Catalog designation of ball valves: 11ls69p Product range includes 250 to DN 350 mm PN from 8MPa to 16MPa. The second group includes domestic companies that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union: Of special note is the company producing ball valves in the CIS and is well represented on the Russian market: company "Spetsavtomatika" Lugansk (Ukraine) Number of ball valves began in 1992 Implementation in Russia – through TD "Marshall", Moscow Catalogue designation of ball valves: 11s67p (KZSHs41nzh) Product range includes 15 to DN 350 mm and PN from 1.6 MPa to 2.5 MPa. OOO "Olbrizservis" Kiev (Ukraine) issue of ball valves began in 2002 Implementation in Russia – through ZAO Firma "Prokonsim" Moscow marking Catalog ball valves: 11s31p, 11s32p, 11s41p, 11s42p, 11s64p. Other leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari offer similar insights. Range of products includes DN 25 to 200 mm and PN from 1.6 MPa to 2.5 MPa. For even more analysis, hear from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Ball valves are widely proizvoiteley Ukrainian companies ZAO Tehpromimpeks', Moscow, and ZAO Firma "Prokonsim" Moscow largest domestic ball valve manufacturers today are (in calendar order): PP "Automatics-Invest" Tula Manufacturing was founded in 1990. Catalog designation of ball valves: KSHTVG, KSHTV, KSHTH Nomenclature product includes DN 15 to 200 mm and PN from 1.6 MPa to 4MPa. JSC "Strommash" Ulyanovsk in 1990 at the Office "Ulyanovskglavsnab" was created by the company "Strommash." Specializing primarily in welded valves, since 2003 company develops production of ball valves. Since then, the company "Strommash" is included in the JSC "KP SNABSERVIS" in Moscow.