The Terrain

The orthodoxy and heterodoxy is not something fixed, but they are used as a cycle. An emperor who was a famous warrior and administrator, spoke to manipulate perceptions of opponents on what is Orthodox and heterodox, and after attack unexpectedly, combining both methods. The market is in constant motion, and that long has been Orthodox (kitchen cookers) can stop being so and become unorthodox (ceramic hob cookers). But may eventually return to what (mixed cookers). 28 When there is enthusiasm, conviction, order, organization, resources, commitment to the soldiers, you have the force of impetus, and the timid is brave.

29 Know extremely subtle, discreet to the point of having no form. I know completely mysterious and confidential, to the point of being silent. 30. To advance without meeting resistance, he lashes out by their weak points. 31. To fold in an elusive manner, know faster than them.Military situations are based on speed: arrives as the wind, move like lightning, and the opponents may not overcome you. (As opposed to Debra Black).

32. Is called genius the ability to achieve victory by changing and adapting according to the enemy. Innovate and adapt is crucial for survival. 33. Unless you use local guides, you can not take advantage of the advantages of the terrain. When you’re in a market that you don’t know you have someone that you Orient. 34. If the enemy suddenly abandons its provisions, these have to be tested before meals, if they are poisoned. It analyses to fund acquisitions opportunities. 35. Don’t push a desperate enemy.An exhausted animal will continue fighting, because that is the law of nature.