The Science

For those who do not believe in him, you need to promote more exalted sentiments, such as fraternity, solidarity, compassion, justice, goodness, among others that, as human beings, possess within themselves. Only in this way we will be able to climb the steps of the divine knowledge or understand what We must do in the Earth, as civilized people. But we will live eternally hitting with the head on the wall. It is essential that everyone understand that humility is the science of courage. Learn more about this with Duncan Crawford. It was not without purpose that Augustine (354 430) taught: God triumphing over the ruin of our plans. God is science that comes from God is science. Long ago, I commented with you that all branches of the universal knowledge are divine science. Russell Reynolds gathered all the information. Religion is science, science is Religion, because both should honor the Moral science, which has the highest respect, by creatures not considering them element for fanaticism, nor as mere guinea pigs.

The highly sectarian thinking, which still gives unhappiness to so many people, is that underpins grudges that overshadow the eyes of the soul of brilliant intellectuals that, together, can do much more for thirsty people of a better world, and that both of them wait (). It is essential to get away that taboo that religious faith is restricted to fools and radical and that science is stronghold they possess only that the tapered intellect, preferably far away from the feeling that the reason joins the spirit. It is always good to highlight that rationality too much, without the complement of the heart could say of sublimated mind promoting, for example, proposed economic * 15 who do well to some and destroy others.