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Installment loan: Upon completion of the contract, the sum total of the accumulated interest is calculated and added to the loan amount. Then, this amount is divided by the period in months. Resulting from this, the borrower for the entire life of the paid constant rates. Repayment loans: the repayment loans a constant repayment rate is agreed upon at the beginning of the contract. Interest rates are calculated from the remaining loan amount each. Consequently, the rates are falling during run time.

Annuity loans: when the annuity loan an amount to be paid each year is redemption, consisting and agreed interest rates. Because interest rates here are calculated from the verb leinenden loan amount, the portion of the interest in the amount to be paid annually falls in this case, thus the repayment portion increases. Finally a credit can be so unreservedly to the financing of personal desires, or necessary purchases recommended. Due to the large number of different loan forms should be the most appropriate for themselves personally credit everyone. The credit can be customized to the current and future next financial conditions through the different possibilities of loan repayment. But as mentioned a previous precise search of each offer is recommended. The Internet is well suited for this purpose, currently you can find numerous portals which have specialized especially on the issue of loans and the award. The customer shall thus benefit on a single, independent home of the offers to compare multiple providers. This above all an enormous time saving and comfort at the highest level without the home occur to leave can be found at the present time the appropriate credit.