The Inability To Change

Lately I have wondered: why we refuse again and again to what we really want to make our lives? Why recognizing what is happening to us, we do not change? How strong are our prejudices and beliefs, that we do not allow us to change them or change them even when we know that they do not belong to us? We have created free and able to decide about ourselves, in fact we do it constantly, since it does not change what bothers us or prevent us from being fully happy, is a decision. What is surprising is why most of the people decides not to be happy? It is clear that happiness is within our reach, however we do not take it. What creates us this inability to change and be happy? I wonder if someone or something imposed us unhappiness? The cultural beliefs of these times or the education we received from children obviously do not help, why are we taught to compete, to beat the other? They create the sick need of wanting everything that we do not have or are not without value what we have achieved. Would it not be natural, that we help us to each notros to overcome us, learn and grow? I am much more happy when I help or help me that when I defeated someone or I am defeated. Why do we insist on differentiate ourselves, if they have created us equal? The problem is that many times we don’t even ask, why we do what we do. Seems that someone told us always that we do, they get into our lives from the news in newspapers, radio or television programmes, and do it without questioning us nothing and with the conviction that we know what we do and that we ourselves who decide on our lives. Did much think today in you, in your life? Did you not have time? You did all day? Towards where? Do you fill your day with activities that you removed the time? When you begin to ask yourself why you do what you do, you’ll see that many of your actions have no meaning for you. .