The Idea

What splendid God remained away from itself?, what God would do that if same?. Can you imagine God angered with himself?. The idea seem absurd, isn’t it?. Then, why do that to yourself?. The human race is perfect as it is!. I know, I know what you’re thinking right now. You, now, you see the murderer who kills without any logic but I see 10,000 people praying for him and forgiving him.

Because you see people acting creeping way and using laws and justice for their own benefit but I see people who live for and by the truth. Because you see someone who abused children and abused them, and I see great masters that there is nobody who can touch them if not with love, in hundreds of children. Because you see poverty, crisis, scarcity and hunger and I see thousands of people sharing everything you are and have with thousands of other people. Because you see someone destroying the world and I see thousands building and regenerating with the Earth. Because you see someone lost, shattered and empty and I see thousands of human beings who know who they are and to live in deep harmony and joy. Because you see someone in the darkness and I see someone in the light, sleeping defect is to believe that there is no purpose in our anger, our doubts, our solid questions and no response no (apparently), our sadness, our vacuum because when someone gets angry with another but then it asks for forgiveness and apologizes, both approaching and feel more intimatemore connected as a unit. It is that an imperfect default?, closer to someone is a defect? I think not. I also believe that we really like the game of Gaia, and why we are always as good gods. Original author and source of the article.