The Doctrine Of The Word Of God

We will be studying 4 principles, of the Doctrine of the Word of God. In this first study we will speak on ' ' autoridade' ' of its Word. I BROKE 1: ' ' The authority of the Bible ' ' How we know that the Bible is the Word of God? It has errors in the Bible? The Bible teaches in them regarding same it? Authority of the Writing Means that all the words contained in the Holy Writs are Palavras de Deus, who you such way that to disbelieve or to disobey any word of the Writing it is to disbelieve or to disobey the God. l the Bible declares on proper itself that all the words in the Writing are Palavras de Deus? as we can bring this evidence? The Bible makes diverse declarations of that all the words of the Writing are words of God. In at, this many times and visa in the phrases introductory of each I capitulate of the Bible ' ' Thus &#039 says you; '. When the prophets spoke Thus they say you affirmed to be messenger of God, and declared that its words were full words of authority of God. when they spoke in the name of God of this way, each word had that to proceed from God, or them they would be characterized being false prophets. In book DT c18v18, 20 ' ' it speaks of true Jesus&#039 prophet; ' , but God, comes explaining in them that a true prophet who appears in the way it people has that to be called by It, not for desire or proper will.

The test of a true prophet was the fulfilment of its words. In JR c14v14; c23v1622. It brings us versicles of alert to the false prophets. Because they augured false hope of peace and security. But it was not peace time, was time of hard judgment.