The Company

These last months of the year have been characterized by a specific activation in the administration of training programmes. Looking to next year, even with a quick and encouraging trend set in motion some activities which were slumbering in the remainder of the semester, clear messages are showing employees of the level of professionalism that will come next year. Increasingly the concept of Ownership (take charge of our own development beyond what the company does formally) takes protagonism, accompanying the demand and supply of the labour market where resources qualified each time more scarce and, indeed, missing in certain specific areas. Those who so they understand and anticipate conditions, undoubtedly will be planning an excellent move in chess which does not necessarily lead to checkmate but will give you clear advantages with their opponents circumstantial. Remuneration schemes are being tone also in the same line. An increase in employability determines that the high potential, unlike other times, begin to rotate by companies in search of better opportunities commensurate with their abilities and aspirations, so that cause alterations and modifications in the schemes of benefits which aim to retain the best talent in the pursuit of high investment involved companies generate replacement boxes.

We observe notoriously Hunting (hunting) practices applied to positions of high labor demand and difficult coverage which before were only applied to the levels of top position. This particular situation is causing major distortions in the structures of salaries of companies and an even greater headache for those who do not even possess them. In terms of working environment, fortunately at the hands of the growing re stabilization, sectors are increasingly permeable to overturn critical and expectant look in relation to how feels the people within the working groups to implement different alternatives that guarantee the stability within the teams of collaborators and away the ghost of the rotation or dismissal that both concealed costin terms of selection processes, curves decreased efficiency, during the times of adaptation and learning, and costs of inclusion causes to the companies. New year’s Eve celebrations are expected with more moods in organizations, given that tends the prognosis and the tendency to slight upward, will try to provide encouraging messages that were not present in the last periods.Although it deserves be clarified that some companies, product of irritations and strong questioning by wage claims, have put it on reconsideration. A fact of reality that puts in sum state alert and attention is the question linked to the figures and causes that can trigger at threatening levels of inflation that, given the joint negotiations and wage claims that are to be performed during 2011, create very important strategic challenges that require anticipate and envision the necessary moves which today we know there will be yes or Yes occurto make decisions right. Finally, and returning to the metaphor of the chess, are on track to beat the opponent in this case an enemy – configured by the double-digit unemployment still prevailing in countries with low tendencies to be reduced to a digit, with innovative, productive moves and strategy that will ensure new economic alternatives with a deep look at the people who ultimately are the basis of the capital of any organization; just so that you can aspire to achieve extraordinary results. That 2011 will be a year of much prominence and! excellence! It is our greatest wish that can be, know and want to achieve the highest aspirations in every sense.