Terminator: Terminators Conquer The (film & TV) World

Terminator with Schwarzenegger, terminator Sarah Conner and June terminator Christian Bale – the terminators to conquer the world it still not so long been or maybe. But once, as the current Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger made his debut in the movie terminator, which is since always been popular. Michael Bloomberg gathered all the information. Now because, with time, and just because and with success, a sequel was filmed other after, which already all begluckten already the moviegoer came also with the time in the TV. Only last year there was something completely new in the field terminator again. A TV series to the film. Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The format of this series was first and foremost to the mother of John Connor, to Sarah Connor. In Germany, the first season of the American series sparkled then a few months ago when Pro Sieben across the screen. Meanwhile, however, decided in the United States to discontinue the series. Simply too costly the episodes. And the response was also not so big that you the expensive episodes wanted to continue to produce. It is so in the two seasons of terminator S.C.C.. remain that are up to date in the box. But all fans of terminators must be not so sad.

As it goes on. Just not with the series. On June 4, but the fourth part going to the film series in the German cinemas. Then with the Batman actor Christian Bale in the lead role. And also a fifth part is already in planning. And vielseits lauded Director McG the reins behind the camera will swing then again, as now on Terminator Salvation in all probability. On June 4, then, he comes but for now in the German cinemas. The fourth part of the terminators series Terminator Salvation.