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Another part of the search engine – this is proper search engine that searches for the right word or phrase to us only in its index. So, if you can not find the necessary information, you should use another search engine. Primichanie: Search system is not looking all over the internet. It searches only for its database. Wells Fargo Bank takes a slightly different approach. The last part of the search engine – this is the service itself (the visible part for us), with which the user enters his drink in a search engine and receives an answer. From which to start searching? Experience shows that to date effectively and correctly use the search engines are able to not more than 3% of users. Most people ask 02.01 words for that may be get absolutely unnecessary to include information. The thing is that search engines are not endowed with intelligence, but because it is difficult to just "understand" that the user wants them.

Put yourself in the search engine and tell what information you would have told of priority on "mobile phone". A place where you can buy it? The nearest service center is? Instruction is in use? Perhaps your counterpart wants to know where you can download free ringtones to the mobile?? Similarly, the search engine can not "guess" your current wishes .. Useful tips 1. Write to correctly word the search query Sometimes you can not find the "studio of sewing coats in Kiev." And all because it "coats" in Kiev do not sew, but only "coat". 2. Use synonyms Try "notebook" instead of "Laptop", "car" instead of "carriage", "summary" instead of "course work". 3. Refine your search query more more accurately to your request for a search engine, the more chances you will find what you're looking for.

4. Use keywords if you are looking for information about a car Toyota, and write: "car Toyota, and not just a "car". 5. Do not write query in uppercase All queries desirable to write in small letters. Your search for "The Seven Wonders of Ukraine" search engine finds only if someone typed that phrase in big letters. Where? There a few search engines that can meet all of your drink. Ukrainian: Meta.ua, Search.bigmir.net Russian Yandex.ru Rambler.ru World Google.com MSN.com Yahoo.com Prepared by Head of WEB-tehnology Softwest Group Andrew Ray