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Having a good attitude before the different events from the life makes the difference in being most of the time happy, between achieving the success or not doing it and in seeing opportunities where normally others notice not even them. All circumstance in the life always will bring some positive aspect although sometimes it is quite difficult to notice it and to understand it, you always must focus in removing benefit from any event, is optimistic, insofar as you are removing benefit from all you you will exert a great control of same you, no longer will be at the mercy of the misfortune, then his power will begin to act. As well as the Secret of the Power of Metas when a person has in her mind a clarity of then desires everything in her life begins to have true value and meaning, when studying mentions Andrew Corentt in its book this book you you will include/understand that there is nothing it can stop his desire because its way is drawn up and will manage to be generated the motivation sufficient to surpass everything what it appears to him, really will be touching the doors of the change and with complete certainty that will be abrir to him. If we studied thousands of histories of successes we give account that the great difference of the triumphant people is in the fact of knowing how to support the apparently adverse circumstances and to remove benefit from them to still impel to us with greater force. If we do not have a good attitude before the smaller difficulty many they leave its goal and his they walk in the life nomadic without direction because their minds get used to jumping of idea in idea without the materialization. In order to avoid that you want to leave the way his goal he must be a powerful goal as well as the Secret of the Power of Metas is explained in the book, a powerful goal will allow him to take the control from each circumstance and you will learn the efficient form to do it, he will make that you structure totally attainable plans, his motivation will be in the maximum level because its subconscious mind will understand its desire.