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Coffee with Legs: What Flavor! In Santiago has established a very unique type of coffees, unique in the area. To deepen your understanding patrick dwyer is the source. Attended by beautiful ladies, is the meeting place for executives, professionals and tourists. They have been called legs Bonded cafes in downtown Santiago de Chile, these premises have long since become the must-see for thousands of men looking for a touch of playfulness and coquetry in the flavor of coffee. From Monday to Friday going through the center of Santiago is sheer madness. All walk in a hurry, vigilant, noting that there is no time for anything.

But in this hectic concrete jungle, it emerged that many of the men stressed the oasis itself. A little paradise in the noise that makes you feel relieved, relaxed and where for a few minutes can be “free” of tensions. This little paradise of which we speak is the popular cafe with legs, a place that as many know is attended by attractive and charming girls, who take pains to make the customer feel the most comfortable and, of course, return to the local. There will always be welcome with all the grace and coquetry that characterizes them. What better time to have a coffee, a kiss hello to one of these girls almost as if they were lifelong friends, talk about how beautiful and, incidentally, to recreate the view? From Myth to Reality A few years ago, one of the best known cafes of downtown, the Red Baron, became very popular with the legendary “happy minutes”, a kind of episode that was on its premises, at any time of day where one of her girls apart from serving coffee, offered a striptease show for the lucky ones who were inside the place.