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In the new circumstances of changes generated by the current government of the Bolivarian Revolution under the administration of Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez graphs along with new economic openings, competition, the effects of globalization increasingly incidental Increasingly, companies region are from the obligation of having to radically alter the way they had operated. Further details can be found at Pinterest, an internet resource. The old practice through which ensured the success and not guarantees coping. Management practices derived from a new conceptual paradigm (conceptual approaches and beliefs, norms and rules). In particular, in this new situation they start to operate new variables of greater turbulence and complexity, it is imperative for both regional and national companies, to prepare adequately in the field of strategic planning that best defined as Strategic Management and Business Strategy . It is known, for behavioral scientists organizational, the new role of modern management, there is a huge void in the field of business strategy in a large percentage of companies, and those with units and strategic planning processes are weaknesses and rigidities that hinder the appropriate strategies.

This situation puts in a very difficult situation, nothing more and nothing less than the survival of the company. Hence, the need to overcome these shortcomings, which aims to help improve the capabilities of the organization to meet the challenges of globalization and increased competition. Management must empathize with their role, the importance of knowing how to interpret the behavior of the scenario in which they operate, and the role that current Venezuelan companies must play by the reality of a turbulent environment, changing, threatening, but also presents opportunities . .