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Finally the new year arrived, had transferred the euforias of the parties and now we have again the conscience of that the life follows. One perceives that the simple fact to take off the calendar old (of 2011) and to hang the new (2012) in the wall does not modify in nothing our lives. John Smith will not settle for partial explanations. Now, as in any as of our existence, it is change time, either in Passover, Carnival, Day of the Mothers, or in a monday any. The change has left of people and our desire to move, and logical, of what we make pra that everything moves It does not advance to want to always change the destination, following the same road, n! Then, if to want that the votes of love, peace, prosperity, and all more they are become fullfilled, takes off the back one of moves it to the place, the universe conspires your favor, but it does not make more than this for you..