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The replacement car or courtesy car is an additional service provided by insurance companies and car manufacturers where a customer needs a car temporarily. The time period is usually under 30 days and related to any circumstance related with selling its products or provide services. Pinterest often says this. Regarding implementation, it is highly recommended to pay close attention to the fine print and specific clauses that refer to this type of service to hire. For example, in the case of insurance companies, it should be hired car coverage substitution for the company to grant us access to one in case of need and demand. an. Moreover, usually the insured contracts signed, we require that the car should be in the workshop as a result of an accident. With this type of clause is not eligible for replacement vehicle if you’ve only been a failure or is in the shop for a review.

These situations are generally not sufficient for access to a car replacement, must be specified in the contract if desired dispense of them and paying the increased share of the policy that we will hire. Sinister means being hit by a third party without being guilty, or that the car was stolen and have different damage to be located, or has an accident in which the insured is guilty. The car replacement legislation is not regulated by specific legislation. There are brands and insurance companies that offer a courtesy car in ‘certain circumstances’. The conditions are imposed in each case, therefore vary from one to another, even a car model to another.

Some of the criteria taken into account by each manufacturer and insurance are the vehicle category, maximum time, miles, type of repair to be worthy of that vehicle, or even the price. If we face a warranty repair that exceeds the reasonable time of completion (about 20 days working), we could appeal the rules of consumer protection (Legislative Decree 1 / 2007), in which there is a section dedicated to ‘significant inconvenience’ to the consumer which specifies a criterion to follow. Still, these cases are difficult to assess and will be difficult to get replacement car, but as manufacturers and workshops can run the risk that the client will claim damages we have the advantage of requiring this service for the good of his good name, and thus tend to voluntarily provide a replacement vehicle.