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The singer was dismissing their fans at a concert when a young man boarded from behind to sneak into the scenario. The follower only wanted to make a picture, but frightened to Shakira. That the artist has fans all over the world is something that has been known since its inception, but that one of them almost remove you the life of the only scare has happened during a concert in the Tijuana hot state. Who don’t have scared you ever leaving you in a State of shock? It is common, all have been protagonists ever’s situation, but Shakira lived in public under the watchful eye of a multitude of fans that chanted his songs. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Wells Fargo. The show was about to end, the Colombian was already are dismissing all when a fan slipped between the strong security measures and appeared behind her on stage. Of others to the event and when the young man touched her from behind to get a photo, Gerard Pique girlfriend remained stone, so much was so shouted and could not not react but simply smiled scared and posed before the camera. We don’t know what happened next because in the video there is a thick veil, but one thing is certain, the fan got what few, a photo with Shakira on stage, though to know how and where ended the story, circumvent security measures may cost you dearly. Source of the news: A fan left in shock to Shakira in the middle of the stage.


EP embodied the picturesque protagonist of Dark Shadows, the latest creation by the eccentric American director. The film is rolling in United Kingdom and will be released in may 2012. It is an adaptation of a popular television series of the same name created by Dan Curtis in 1966 and which already had a television remake in 1991. With the face completely white, purple glasses, blue hat and painted pins. This is the striking and picturesque look that will look Johnny Depp on Dark Shadows, the new film by Tim Burton. In this tape Deep again for the umpteenth time on the orders of Burton to embody the vampire Barnabas Collins, a man who after breaking the heart of a witch is condemned to live in darkness for eternity, to be a vampire.

Dark Shadows is the adaptation to the big screen of a popular television series of the same name created by Dan Curtis in 1966 and which already had a television remake in 1991 which starred Ben Cross and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We will see in this adaptation to the big screen of Burton to very familiar faces like Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley, Chloe Moretz, and as not, Helena Bonham Carter, the wife of the director and also omnipresent in all his projects. The theatrical release of Dark Shadows, which is wheel currently in Devon (United Kingdom), is scheduled for may 2012. Source of the news: Johnny Depp will be the new vampire of Tim Burton

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