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To choose the reading the catalogue of titles of Infantile and Youthful Literature includes 52,837 works According to the last official numbers of the Federation of Unions of Publishers, in year 2009 were published a total of 12,112 titles of infantile and youthful Literature, 55.7% corresponding to new features or first editions. These numbers extend more of in case already the extensive book catalogue for this sector, that rises a 52,837 works. In order to choose most suitable readings a each age and profile, can be resorted to different resources online. Two of most recommendable are Guides of Reading of Infantile and Youthful Literature and the finder of Service of Direction to the Reading (SUN), two services managed by Foundation Germa’n Sanchez Ruiprez, one of the more active Spanish institutions in the promotion of the reading. Advice parents To help him to choose: an inadequate work can frustrate the anxieties of reading of youngest. For even more details, read what Payoneer says on the issue.

It is fundamental that the ancestors help to select the most suitable titles to their age, but also at its level of reading. To take care of its pleasures: the parents must allow that the children participate in the election and that this is agreed to their thematic prrencias of fiction, fantasy, history, cmics, etc. In this way, they will feel but motivated by the reading. To demonstrate interest: to be interested reason why they read, to ask to them for the argument and to comment it common create a significant nexus of union between parents and children and reveal the satisfaction that represents for the ancestors the reading activity. Not only books: the reading does not have to be fitted solely to literary works. In order to practice, use of magazines, interesting catalogues can also be made, manuals or guides for the children and young people. To operate the library: the summer is a good moment to remove party to all the advantages that offer the public libraries. Besides being able to obtain the last literary new features in loan, many of them organize in the summer months specific activities for the infantile and youthful public. *Puedes to buy your books in PopularLibros Source of the news: The summer is the best moment so that the children recover the interest by the reading


The institution speaks of " rigidities arraigadas" in the Spanish system. Also criticism the fiscal situation of the independent communities. The organism requests major decentralization of the collective negotiations. The International Monetary Fund (the IMF) emphasized east Friday the gradual recovery of the Spanish economy, but it indicated that it is not sufficient to reduce " inaceptable" rate of unemployment of 21%, and noticed that " half of governments regionales" it does not reach the fiscal objectives. " We see two preoccupations: optimistic the macroeconomic projections can be something and the regions are not fulfilling the fiscal objectives " , it indicated James Daniel, j of the mission from the Bottom to Spain, in his report of the scheduled inspection of the Spanish economy. The IMF maintained its forecasts of growth for Spain in 2011 in a 0.8% of Gross Inner Product and 1.6% in 2012, against the prognoses of Madrid of 1.3% and 2.3%, respectively. The Bottom emphasized that the answer of the policy macroeconomic of the Spanish authorities before the crisis " he has been strong and of ample alcance" , although it added that it is not sufficient and it insisted to " to continue and to deepen these reformas". The fiscal consolidation of Spain has been " ambiciosa" , according to the new report of the IMF, according to which the deficit of the central government will be placed in 6% of the GIP for the end of year, reason why " still it is camino" in order to reach the goal of fiscal balance after 2014.

" We need that all the levels of government put of their part in the massive challenge of consolidation that faces Espaa" , Daniel in rrencia said to the autonomic governments. The international organism described unemployment like " true problema" of the Spanish economy due to " rigidities arraigadas" in the labor market. " More descentralizacin" In this sense, the recommendations of the Bottom are " a greater decentralization of the negotiations colectivas" , that is stopped tying the wages with the inflation and " a smaller compensation by desempleo". In the positive part, the IMF observed " a better behavior of the hoped thing of exportaciones" and it emphasized " reform global" of the financial system, especially of the savings banks. " Much progress has been realised in the banking sector, which is positive, but the perspective are complicated due to the economic situation of pas" , Daniel added. Also, he valued that the banking sector " he has increased his volume of capital, has recognized the great losses and the shown transparency to reveal the exhibition to real estate assets problemticos". In the negative front, the Bottom emphasized that the real estate sector and of the construction " it will the future continue being a headwind for the Spanish economy in prximo". In addition, it indicated that the inflation has rounded up months in the last, impelled by the prices of the energy and the indirect taxes, and is again over the European average. Source of the news: The IMF says that " recovery of the Spanish economy is not sufficient to lower paro"

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