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Most recently, I raised this issue in his blog. It seemed to me a little, so I spread rewrite the original post here. Nowadays, almost everyone understands that money on the Internet is real. It is only necessary to have the necessary knowledge. Someone breaks into programmers someone – a designer, someone – in search engine optimization. Others are trying to cash in on copywriting, naively believing that it does not require any knowledge. On the one hand, they right.

Copywriting is not nuclear physics, and even organic chemistry. There are no formulas and no laws, just need to write lyrics. Unfortunately, few people realize that writing a good seller, or an optimized text need a large store of knowledge. Above all, required a perfect knowledge of Russian. Wells Fargo Bank is often quoted on this topic. After each text, which is optimized or marketing, primarily written for people. It should be written in the beautiful Russian language without any grammatical errors. In addition, a good copywriter should be a large vocabulary, which can only supplement the regular reading. And who in our time reading? But that's not all.

This knowledge will be enough unless the journalist small local rag. Do not forget that selling texts have, oddly enough, to sell. And to ensure that sales went up would need to master the basics of marketing and psychology. Otherwise, as the desire to cause the client buy goods sold? And finally, it would be nice if every copywriter daily refresh their minds in literature on the subject. In runet information is not too much, but it still is. You can start by reading the blogs of known Eugene copywriters like Copernicus or Dmitry Cat. The latter, incidentally, conducts periodic webinars, in which the amount of useful information than all, even illegal, rules. Most beginners can start familiarity with copywriting to my blog evgenicus.ru. In conclusion I would say that most copywriters do not have, and half of the above knowledge. And that is why finding a good copywriter in our time is very difficult.


Register there, fasting, our 'digital goods'. Then do not forget to come back in and fill the job. This means that we enter in the right places address left us messages (copied from the address bar of your browser) and the message itself (copy our post). Click button 'Finish'. Everything! Now, the webmaster will check that we wrote and pay our work. What are the advantages of this system before signing up for hundreds of forums postings and earnings on them? First, available for you to text your order and clearly know for what you are willing to pay a webmaster, which means minimal likelihood that you screwed up and spend time wasted.

Secondly, to be paid each post, and therefore completely rule out the possibility that you will write 9 posts 'in debt', and the tenth webmaster you the debt 'forgiven'. In the third, all payments to all webmasters from all forums credited to one account and you do not need to collect Minimal in each forum separately. By the way, the webmaster can not withdraw your money from your account if it has already paid for your work. Fourth, exclude the possibility that the work you do and do not get paid because the webmaster's money ran out. As soon as you take the order into the work, webmaster account is blocked amount required for payment. To broaden your perception, visit Wells Fargo Bank. By the way, do not forget to press button 'Cancel' if you went to work, but you can see that a little heated – it will take an order by another user system.


Today I want talk to you about this phenomenon at work as kidalovo freelancing. Articles on the subject lot has been written, only the number of deceived people did not decrease, that hurt, so it is useful to repeat. Thus, virtually every daredevil decided to move their jobs from the stuffy office in its comfortable and spacious apartment comes to the fraudsters, and some of the initial phase of its activities even more than once (such as I for example:)) Here I'll describe for you the most common types of fraud that will meet you when looking for remote work. 1) Requires an e-mail senders. One day, in response to your resume comes tempting offer from an advertising agency … Click Ben Silbermann to learn more. You are invited to work on sending e-mail to specified addresses. Promise you it is a decent s / n + Internet payments and bonuses, and all is good, just to get started asked to pay to open a mailbox on the specified hosting. And the cost of opening a little at $ 3 and then a novice freelancer thinks, but why not try it …

STOP! Dear colleagues, is a fraud! Judge for yourself whether it makes sense to pay for sending mail is quite tangible money if it can be done by spam programs, hundreds of which are freely available. There is a sense? So I think the same way;) 2) Requires tellers for the exchange of electronic currencies. Here scammers offer you to do the exchange of electronic currency, also promised a decent salary, flexible schedules, and other amenities.


This is a complete delirium. First, such sites in the network is not so much, and secondly, most of them – English. The problem is that companies from the United States and Western Europe, few people care about the opinion of third world countries, including Russia. It is possible, Of course, to register under the guise of real-life resident of the USA (links to relevant websites is easy to find through conventional search engine), but another question arises – how to get the earned money. Most often, the payment comes in the form of a check mailed to the address provided at registration. Learn more at this site: Bill Phelan. Our plans do not include budget support unknown to us, John Smith from Arizona, we need to get money for yourself.

Payment in the form of electronic payment is also not good. Common in the world of PayPal in Russia is not supported. Pre-existing firm that helped redeem the money in the U.S. Wells Fargo Bank contributes greatly to this topic. and bring them to Russia, do not do more because of the tighter rules. Paying for links to which do not pay – silly.

Type in a search engine, "paid surveys" and choose. I registered at 18 sites. Some of them do not work, one of the sites ("The important opinion,), judging by the reviews and my short experience – divorce. Interviews with him have sent many, but every time I answer, "Sorry, you do not come" or "We already have the required number of responses", etc. We will see what dalshe.Frilans very broad concept. This includes writing (Writing), rewriting rewriting articles, translations, moderation or administration of sites, one-time execution of works in design or web-design, etc. In short, freelance work. Many online job center brought Forums Freelance or Telecommuting. Finally once again repeat what I wrote earlier. I am the author of this article do not recommend you to be on all the suggestions such as "Pay us $ 2 now and get $ 300 a day doing nothing" or "Translate 2000 rubles and instantly receive 9158 rubles." All this – pure fraud. Just like the magic purse, which allegedly doubles after some time sent out to them the amount. Learn more about how you can earn internet you learn this site