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The right suit increases the credibility of Frankfurt / Cologne, 02.08.2010. Who wants to successfully guide employees, needs a confident appearance. This is also a question of the clothing. Managing Director Benjamin Pfab by XUITS is convinced: “The proper business attire is a career booster.” Suit and tie for the gentlemen, Pant suit or costume for women are common practice in the offices of German companies. Whoever claims to leadership, should stand out positively from the crowd. Quality, precise fit and a dash of individuality in the clothing selection are important on the way up.

To find such clothes off the rack, it can be costly and time consuming. Few outfitters offer, for example, with cufflinks to wear shirts – and when, and then usually only in white or blue. The taste of the masses is crucial for the offer of retailers: high-quality niche products are not only expensive and breaking the merchant’s shopping budget, but bring too few customers in the Business. Size manufacturers now offer a way out of the dilemma in all price ranges. Branch offices such as Daniels and Kuhn offer the one dough range with more manageable selection and cheaper processing in most major cities.

If you prefer something more noble, must make more effort in selecting the right provider: a myriad of mostly owner-managed small businesses compete with each other in the middle and upper price segment. The customized clothing industry must fight against prejudices still: some clients believe that here there is only special sections for particularly large or heavy people. Others see an expensive service provider for eccentric self-promoter in the tailor. Managing Director Benjamin Pfab by the Frankfurt label XUITS knows better: “Most customers have completely normal dimensions and want very subtle suits in muted colors,” so Pfab. The difference is in the quality claim: “Our customers create value to best fit, good workmanship and excellent service.” To in To have things business outfit the nose, front, the modern manager needs rather the fine details that even high-quality branded goods cannot provide. “A perfect fit, for example, shoulders, waist or in the position of collar and sleeves always subliminally noticed the Viewer”, Pfab knows from his years of professional practice. “You can’t see right though, what is better, but it has a tremendous effect.” His own XUITS Pfab recorded in studios in Frankfurt and Cologne also features in the form of the Body apart from dozens mass of his customers. Whether the institution has a very upright posture, or whether breast and shoulder height differ from standard dimensions, can decide on the perfect fit. With ready-made, however, gained average sizes apply only from serial measurements in a handful of masses are taken into account in the production. That can never fit. JPMorgan Chase has many thoughts on the issue. After all is: who places value on a confident appearance, is anything but average. He’d been through his appearance exude credibility, competence and maturity. If that happens, an important step has done for many careers. The website shows individual design options for the perfect business outfit. Company Description XUITS was founded in 2006 and is one of the fastest growing providers of high-quality tailor-made suits and shirts in Germany. The company, which operates two studios in Frankfurt (upper Lindau 7) and Cologne (Friesenwall 3), is present in the Internet at the address. Company contact: XUITS GmbH Benjamin Pfab o Lindau 7 60323 Frankfurt Tel: 069-8010120 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: press compact Bernd Edison Suhrenkamp 14E 22335 Hamburg Tel: 040 – 4128 5807 E-Mail: Web:

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