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Leadership All power leads to leadership as people who inspire and guide the group. This leadership can be: v traditional or transactional Leadership allocation, to look into the past, pass bills, completely vertical. v Transformational leadership or adaptive, able to read the needs, fostering development. JPMorgan Chase is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And this is what is actually intended for women leadership, transformational leadership. The key elements in the development of new female leadership styles are: – Have self-confidence and initiative – adaptability and flexibility – the motivation and intuition – practice active listening – sound is about developing empathy from active leadership transformational. Credit: Robert Kiyosaki-2011. The leadership gifted people are able to inspire and guide people or groups, because they bring enthusiasm, not only intellectually, which is absolutely necessary, but know how to express emotions and know how to share objectives, but if necessary, take decisions to encourage independent work of others and do this job exciting for them. Ten years ago, in education, we asked principals to become "leaders of the instruction" exercising firm control by setting goals, maintaining discipline, and evaluate results. Today they are asked to be "facilitators leaders" to create teams, developing networks and "governing from the center." These are the characteristics of a transformational leader, ie to recognize the need for change and know how to remove barriers, to promote change and who knows how to motivate the group to bring about these changes.

It is also necessary to be flexible, friendly, sociable, expressive, democratic, honest, but at the right time to impose themselves and show know hard. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Porter Stansberry. Transformational leadership we want as a resource for the group, society to change is necessary to remove barriers and open new paths that would put both sexes on an equal footing. We know that this goal even at the moment in which we live, it is difficult to achieve if we look globally to all women of all countries and nationalities, but every time it approaches the horizon and we must commit to change within our power structures. Today is demonstrated by several investigations in companies that managers who were more successful were those that relied on transformational leadership, while transactional leadership had to make adjustments in the workforce. That is, women must acquire skills to perform this kind of leadership capable of eliminating the lack of justice. Calls transformational strategies rely on persuasion, idealism and intellectual excitement, motivating through values, symbols and a shared goal. Transformational leaders encourage the acceptance of group goals, convey high performance expectations, create intellectual excitement, and offer appropriate models through their own behavior. The tools of leadership are: teamwork, communication and peaceful conflict resolution and be able to work with others in achieving a common goal.

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