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The answers to the most common questions of all should not be an issue so exhausting; It is easier than you think, just have to apply some key principles, be willing to change our way of thinking, change any information we have accumulated for years and acting step by step, listening to those who have succeeded and definitely reading books which help us to change our mind and convictions. It is clear that if we continue to believe the same thing, the results of these thoughts will be similar or the same. To change our way of thinking, he must first knock down some strengths that prevent us from moving forward. The convictions that we have, whether good or bad are the result of information which we receive and process in our mind, which led us to conclusions and trends. Let me offer an example in this regard: If a person of ordinary, was born in a poor country, the influence and information received from their surroundings, their parents, educators in general may be unfavorable for such person set convictions personal towards prosperity and well-being only 5% of the world population achieved the proposed results, because you have decided this way and they have made their respective adjustments and changes in mind to get what they intend.

Things are created twice. The first time in our minds and then making appropriate processes takes reality through concrete actions. Our mind thinks not in words but in images and everything that exists today to our around was the result first of an image generated in the mind of someone happens with the big things and the little things. The vehicle that you drive, was first created in the mind of someone, the same happens with your home, with your fridge, iron, even with his shaving machine or your dryer. Everything happens in this way.