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Login or Not a blog site. (Similarly see: patrick kelly). “To Be or Not To Be? Belonging, sign in to a blog site (blogging site) and established as Live Journal, Blogger or BlogSpot has many advantages, especially for the novice blogger. Sites that host different blogs often have several very useful tutorials about building and updating the blog, and is likely to find a friendly software interface easy to use. Mikhael Mirilashvili shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In addition, these sites provide a kind of instant community of bloggers (bloggers) that can provide advice, vision, and feedback. These established sites often keep directories of their members, which may be good news for your traffic, it means that other bloggers of the site will learn (know) your pages. However, there are also some negative aspects to link to a blog site large.

By posting on pre-established templates of a site like Blogger, you run the risk of your blog look and feel like the rest of that site. The blogging movement is much different site creation and development of individual voices (many different personalities), so it makes sense that bloggers are away from the “cut flannel” (meaning the same style) to view these sites promoted. Many bloggers feel that the content of blogs is what makes him different, not the look of the blog, but others think that the visual impact of a blog should match the originality and personality of the writer. In my next article I will discuss the free blogging sites. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Do not miss it.


A couple of days ago held a conversation with a friend (lover of (the) internet like me) on whether it was indeed possible to win money playing online and after a heated debate about it, we conclude that it is possible. However, among the subjects discussed in our conversation, we define some important respects in which the majority of people simply fails and sends it to fret away all their aspirations in that direction. First, all juesgos of any nature, are governed like life itself, the law of probabilities. With every second, every thing that happens is subject to that law. In a football game – for example – when a player "shoots" goal against arch or otherwise (a) the law of probability comes into play a leading role since many events can occur in a situation like this, the ball can go online and score a goal, the ball can completely miss its target, the ball can hit a player, the ball may leave the court, and so a long list almost endless. There is every likelihood that occur in the world of games, but although a large majority of them are (likely) intractable, in another they are both encouraging hopes that allow us to take the lead and make our technology part to make the most desire mininizar regarding the risks and maximize profits. In fact, today there is the advantage of technology, to computers and science itself on the side of player to achieve beat the odds. Can this be achieved?, You can win money playing online? … Patrick dwyer merrill lynch has much to offer in this field.

Of course it is. The mathematical and statistical trends or repeating patterns set in the midst of what we call chance and it is through this characteristic that can be achieved by defeating the same manner and ensure that it is on our side and our side. The online gaming world moves billions of dollars annually and the vast majority of people do not know or have any idea on how to get a slice that enormous pie. And a tiny slice of $ 300 per day we get out of that cake and fix it can brighten the lives of many people. Well, if you're one of those people who want to improve and change their current lifestyle for something more fun and relaxed, then I invite you to make and meet with real examples to learn a new way to make money playing online.


When the Internet has become the place where you want desempenarte in the present and future, to learn, grow and develop talents in the same, one of the new habits you acquire is to exchange views and information with other peers who have different and interesting own experiences and are also very attractive, but especially where there is always something to learn. The result of this exchange came to me a little story, one of those who have been very successful in this environment, and that respect I will not name, told me as it took more than two years to reach its first target because in its beginning, was left influenced by other people who overwhelmed with negative thoughts and self-defeating. Click patrick hay to learn more. Certainly not the only, but if one of the impediments that are hindering and impeding a large extent, the implementation, performance and even down to business results on the Internet is “the opinion of others.” So much so that they turn into strong opinions, which we assign a value not we must, because our doubt or insecurity to be moving into unknown territory, the overestimates. But how might not support me in this decision?, It would be a reasonable question. I tell you what I think about it, which of course can be objectionable.

Each time you do something new, a change whenever a change, grow, and not everyone is sympathetic to your growth. Mikhael Mirilashvili may also support this cause. Beyond the moderate or conservative views they may have loved ones, protect or help seeking, ultimately only want your welfare and that is understandable and meritorious, are the opinions of those who do not want your change. And those are the worst. This is what I think. Because only by our own experience we know what it is. I have performed poorly in a particular business gives me no authority to ensure that does not work or that is crap, maybe I did not have the ability to carry it forward. Why should I disappoint you with your project? Just as we are all different, we also produce results different, which I do not perhaps for you it was brilliant, “Who knows? I think we should draw our own conclusions that are drawn from our own experiences and are, for us, the most valid, but only for us. No matter if it goes well or ill never lose because you have purchased a new experience and it has no value, do not stay with the doubt of knowing in question.

Do not be swayed by the opinions of others, take all the precautions you can, question, investigate, find, and if no specific project will be going forward, that is your own opinion because it considers. Finally: I say goodbye to these two interesting thoughts If you love a light, follow it. What leads you to the swamp? And come out of it! But if you follow lifelong torment you the thought that perhaps it was your star. Hebbel You are the deep desire that drives you is your desire As is your will As your will is are your actions are your actions As is your destiny.


After six months of hard work, “the result is good, but never enough.” This is the phrase that dominates my universe. In the next article I will try to summarize the last six months of work (first and last) and dozens of articles I’ve read on the subject of optimization, positioning, traffic and other terms that involve the Internet. About six months ago, a happy thought, the kind that anyone would occur in the bathroom, became an exciting project and a personal challenge: setting up a portal for classified ads. As a user, and heavy user of the Internet, often on the portals to use their services. But there is always a norm, rule, or “trauma” childish programmer that prevents full enjoyment of these portals.

So I decided to ride my own free classified ads portal, my style, and I suppose that by joining the opinions of my friends. When you start one of these projects, think the hardest part is as always the technical side, but nevertheless mount a basic portal that offers such functionality is not more complex than a week of work. Further details can be found at patrick dwyer boston private, an internet resource. Once published, tested and released to production, one considers the best way to give entry into the Internet world, people know you, and that gentlemen, that if it’s a real mess. Suddenly begin to appear terms such as “traffic optimizer”, “segmentation of users,” SEO, in directories, and other entanglements. However, experience has shown me that none of this is useful, because if one is guided by what others say, just riding a super site optimized for Google to scroll down completely, but with some entertaining content.


The theme of the advertising on web sites has always worked and will continue, the most obvious proof is that hardly find a website that Google has no ads in it. Assign a portion of the available space of your website and in publicity is a very valid option to monetize and get some extra income but in respect to this issue titled this article there are some issues to consider. One thing is to monetize a website claiming to add some extra value and another thing to imagine having a live website advertising. With AdSense you can get some money, but only a few dollars. For the big money is necessary to be an expert on AdSense and have not one but several websites, prestigious, very well positioned with excellent traffic course, if your site gives you hundred dollars a month and you are able to assemble other Similar ten sites can achieve a thousand dollars, but this is not as simple as it seems.

Many sites have generated a good profit by selling advertising space or banner ads, but all had a traffic flow that allowed them permanent and constant visits to the advertiser “wanted to be present.” But it is totally different if you have a small site, or newly started and where visitors or permanent or quantity. If your case is that of a site with little flow of visitors to this method to generate some extra money, not help you. A space for a banner is sold by CPM (number of prints) To be more precise, every 1,000 impressions. So if you do not have much traffic to the advertiser will not be interested. If you were thinking about this, I’m sorry I disappointed if I did, but I think it’s best to find a way to get extra money otherwise. I know many believe that building a site with good content will quickly get traffic and from that point evaluated in the project. But even if your content is very good, the traffic will come in time, in business on the Internet and its preliminary assessment should always be taken into account “time” is that many do not. The websites, with rare exceptions, are like good wine, need time to mature.

The advertising business is hard work and time consuming, do not say it does not work, only I suggest you begin to seek income from other sources, an affiliate system for example. Then when your site already has a track record and significant traffic, then you can address the issue of advertising. Finally: The advantage of online business is that you can always make permanent changes, but be careful, always keeping fixed the course and original shaft without cum, small changes give very good results. Hear other arguments on the topic with patrick dwyer boston private. And what is better all the time, you must allow time for your business, and you give yourself time, without despair.