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Germany’s first independent investor and information platform for river cruise ship started. Under, Beneke second market AG provides information on the investment segment River cruise ship private investors and other interested parties. This central information platform is a true innovation and to provide investors with transparency and decision-making. The platform is independent of initiators and will show all offers on closed-end funds of this asset class in addition to General information. Direct investment is also on the Internet or in writing possible. Basis of any decision, however, is the personal situation and objective. Where a qualified advice by Dipl. engineer Wilfried Beneke is ensured.

Mr Beneke is over five years as first engineer on the dream ship MS BERLIN “and knows this luxury cruise vacations from my own experience. A novelty among investment advisers. Although since 1999, investments in river cruise ship also for private investors are possible, investments in riverboats as an insider tip. Investment Advisor itself and ship experts use these profitable investments for years with success. River cruise ship are gaining interest in times of significant changes in exchange rates and volatile freight rates. This is a stable, independent of the US-dollar investment that offer these closed-end funds.

The funds are designed as Euro funds and revenue mainly long-term income security and more interesting yield euro. The comfortable luxury River trips win more and more satisfied passengers in Europe. Highlights are the theme travels. Music trips, cultural trips and golf vacations have already made many friends. A remaining quota of market leader Premicon, for the PREMICON is QUEEN”up-to-date, offered with a valuable travel voucher. “For two river cruise ship of PCE, VIKING CRUISERS Fund II”, a waiting list is opened. Reservations are already Fund River Journey 08 “Hamburg maritime action taken. The ships MS main”and MS Rhine” should first of all on Rhine, main and Danube River run and their owners allow an initial payout of 9% on the capital employed. However, the minimum investment amount is 20,000 – thus no investment for small savers. The journey on your own”ship, at greatly reduced price, offers a special charm. Dipl. engineer Wilfried Beneke Board: Beneke second market AG about Beneke second market AG: we, the secondary market pioneer, are active in the secondary market for closed-end funds for about ten years. 40 years of experience in the shipping industry (studies, practice in the management of ships and shipping companies), we have gained many experience that you can use to avoid errors. We have therefore their own experience in the industry. Our services include market overview, investment advice, as well as ongoing support up for sale – also in the secondary market. We have excellent service by the DEKRA Award”received. We guarantee proper processing and payment of the purchase price within 3 Days after the approval of the trustee. You find more information about Bahadur second market AG:

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