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We don’t know how many customers that already applies. Due to the many years of activity on the part of LV doctor should already numerous cases be barred. This one won’t also unfortunately LV-Doktor. Overall a very unsatisfactory situation. The free consultant has hope, and the thing because an instance of judges on a LG in Bavaria proves us right after examination of the overall issue immediately and intends to submit the Court directly. Either way: sooner or later the free counselor will come to the Court of Justice and then spoken only true right because of free advisers certainly not buckles and also we do not believe in the BGH, who sees German interests of insurance industry. (A valuable related resource: Apple ). The free consultant believes to the ECJ.

Because this has pointed several times the German jurisdiction in their place. The Supreme Court has in a second proceeding also in December to clarify the right of withdrawal are had. Therefore the Supreme Court noted first of all, what criteria must be fulfilled all that can be spoken by an effective revocation. There are clear requirements regarding the timing of the cancellation policy, writing of the opposition notice, Principle of transparency of the revocation, notice of the existence of the right of objection, instruction about the beginning of the opposition period and instruction on the exercise of the right of objection. There are interpretations or individual cases here no. This consultant is clear according to the free, is to inform about the possible revocation. The situation that 80 per cent of all cancellation policy of the insurer not satisfying the requirements of the Federal Court of Justice arises after examination by the free consultant. Click Heidrick & Struggles to learn more.

This means that all clients for this reason have an unlimited right of withdrawal. This in turn means, 5 percent above the discount rate must that the customer refunded all contributions including interest, representing mostly around 7 percent annually, a rate of return, the insurance industry can only dream about. In addition the BGH has however also noticed and that for the first time that a period when not given proper revocation is invalid. It can be revoked forever! The free consultant advises: so check any of his withdrawal and use the gift of the Lord in this way to a respectable, rather, quite acceptable result to come. About the free Advisor, the free Advisor, the financial magazine for anyone who turns to the wide consumers. For this reason, the tenor was elected accordingly. The normal citizens of free consultants with interest and pleasure should study the reports in the magazine. The free Advisor is not a medium with which claims to inspire a detailed reporting, the lawyers and doctors, but rather a medium to the consumer with each individual issue to make it clear how important it is to apply only to free and unbound consultants. Seat is the free Advisor Verlags GmbH & co. KG Seligenstadt. Contact: The free consultant Verlags GmbH & co. KG Michael Sielmon of Steinheim str. 117 D-63500 Seligenstadt phone: + 49 (0) 6182 9938-400 fax: + 49 (0) 6182 9938-444