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Very often we think – that give one or the other good guy. Like it or worked diligently live side by side with us. It is necessary to somehow please the man. See more detailed opinions by reading what Wells Fargo offers on the topic.. Yes, it would be necessary, but it is here more often and start plugging and stupor. Because it turns out that we absolutely can not imagine what it would be happy.

And begin to crush the brain of your head – remember, squint and speculate. Like last month, got drunk and yelled at a karaoke … Maybe he likes to sing? Or music? A can he ever wanted to learn guitar? Exactly! We buy him a guitar! What if he likes music, but not the dream guitar, and on the tube? Not much is good, much more expensive pipe. And then his mouth was so small that the pipe is not exactly suit – as he mouthpiece will be something to keep those lips! No, guitar, definitely! And not a life-size, and melenky brelochek – here's the dream and the convenience of daily wear. Although it may just drunk in a karaoke played music and the music he does, even on the drum. What then? Maybe the drums? Or a bottle of tequila – it was with a guy she's head-and suffered? Popev songs, he also climbed onto a rack to undress! So he can set some of the "party in bed, "give – let trains? Or is he a fan of strip tease, strip games, or just a secret erotomaniac, zamusolivayuschy tons of playboys and other erotozhurnalov …

Here are you go and see what's what in the shower with a guy. A gift to give him some have … At school he loved samoletki glue. Yes, but it was at school. And now he's already been a month trying to glue the other red, from the Advertising Department. And it seems another year will try. Not kleyschik of it is not very left, you had in school carefully to learn science. So there is no model … Can he give a birdhouse? All the boys love to hammer the nails … It seems … Can really beautiful box with birdhouses? Give him a solemn assembly diagrams and drawings birdhouse, and along with it – a box set of "DIY" – that people rejoice! And with the birds and more … Although it is not exactly the birds will be happy – that's how it consumes at his table chicken wings from Rostiks … Birds do not like – the fact. Well, then – win-win situation. New flash drive and up to date. And so he suffered (as he must avenge our pain – is it easy to choose the gift!) And blush every time, gave him a strange kaku stick! For example in the form of … Well, at least in the form of heart! It's like trying to love, let alone how it looks and what people think – not our concern. Ufff … How nice to do something and forget … And how do you decide the question so what and to whom to give? Share?

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