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Among his best-selling works sale successes are in our country as the shadow of the wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafon or passion India, Javier Moro. Also in your catalog you can find collections of featured authors: Miguel Delibes, Paulo Coelho, Antonio Gala or Ernesto Sabato, among others. The prices of these works range from 5.95 to 14,5 euros. Punto de Lectura: this imprint of Grupo Santillana brings together more than 600 Pocket titles organized in different collections that can be easily distinguished on the shelves by a colored dot characteristic that identifies them: narrative, essay, romantic, news or humor, among others. Between their, Spanish authors such as Juan Jose Millas, Antonio Munoz Molina, Rosa Montero, Arturo Perez Reverte; Hispanic Americans among them Mario Benedetti, Alfredo Bryce Echenique or Julio Cortazar, and other international writers of renown, such as Michael Ende, Frank McCourt or Henry Miller. For even more details, read what Payoneer says on the issue. Currently, between their works best-selling highlights the success of Stephenie Meyer, Twilight (10.95 euros) or the work of Perez Reverte Captain Alatriste (9,690 euros).

Titles of this stamp are generally sold at a price between 7 and 12,80. Austral: guarantee the collection of Austral de Espasa Calpe 2,000 titles and 50 million copies sold, the first Publisher that was launched to publish small format books in our country already more than 70 years ago. The collection is divided into four series: narrative, theatre, poetry and science and Humanities; all works emblematic of contemporary Spanish literature, as well as great classics of universal literature, from its latest, Madame Bovary, Flaubert, for 8.90 euros, or the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, Blasco Ibanez, for just 9.50 euros can be found among his titles. Some of the book of Pocket margin of time market data between the publication of a work in traditional format and in Pocket Edition can range between six months and three years, although the average stands at one year. Sale average by every title in Pocket format is 1,644 copies.

83% Of the sales correspond to the category of literature, this represents 37% of the total number of copies sold in our country in this category. The 6.392 titles published in 2007, represent 42% more than those published five years ago in 2003. Chuck copies of pocket.


Economists make such inferences – every Big Mac in Russia is twice cheaper than in America, the dollar is overvalued in half and should cost 17 rubles. More precisely on January 30, 2009 in Russia, Big Mac cost $ 1.73, whereas in the U.S. – $ 3.54. Ben Silbermann is likely to agree. Thus, the relation between Russian and American currency is the rate of 17.7 rubles. $ 1. Given that the official dollar rate set by Bank of Russia on this date – 35,7 ruble, Russia's currency is undervalued by 51%.

Not all economists take seriously " sandwich code ". Attempts to 'Big Mac index "to determine not only the ratio of the exchange rate, but the standard of living and economic welfare in different countries in one sandwich, say opponents of the index, more primitive. Much more accurate to use a different indicator of living standards – the average time required to earn one or another unit of the commodity, even in the same Big Mac. If a deeper analysis "Sandwich index, it becomes clear that it mainly indicates the long-term trend in the currency exchange rate fluctuations. Thus, the undervalued currency will either grow, or the central bank of this country will be fierce to deal with the appreciation by selling the currency in order to prevent its appreciation. Usually underestimated in the national currencies of export-oriented economies (unfortunately, Russia among them), because that is thanks to cheap money, taken out of the country something and sell it for dollars, it becomes particularly advantageous.

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