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After conducting some research, linguists have grounds to assert that "clean" version of the colloquial language is not, and that zhual is a kind of "abstraktsionnym" language. A special place in the history of the formation of the French language in Canada is given, of course, the French of France itself. In North America dialects French appeared in 17 century. They were mixed together to form the ultimate French Canadian language. However, it was based did was put the French language in France.

Differences between the two options French language has increased in the mid-18 century, after the British won the war with the French for the land of the North American continent. At this time of the French returned to their homeland, and the gap between French-speaking Canada's population and residents of France have increased. Thus, the language in these two areas developed in different ways: in different territories it in contact with different cultures and languages. Zhual developed based on the dialects and archaisms in French of France, also in shaping it involved the English language and dialects of the Indian tribes inhabiting North America. In the French provinces and cities in Canada, it was used in literature, which in turn had a huge popularity among the local population. And it zhual for a long time considered native to the French people living in Canada. A literary form they considered a foreign language, and even to some extent an artificial form of the French language. Literary language existed as though separately, not only in relation to the French territories in Canada, but also in relation to France.

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In the new academic year, two schools in Samara was invited to teach English language teachers from England. Classes in-depth study of English in secondary schools 45 and 92 opens the British – American linguistic center. Since September, teachers of the Centre to start work with the students of the specialized first, fifth and tenth grades. For the British – American Language Center will be the first experience in educational institutions. But actually in the teaching of language students of the center's newcomers will not name.

More than one year teachers spend the summer center linguistic camps for children. Yes, and the courses students especially high school a lot, since the acquisition of knowledge from a native speaker, perhaps the best way to not just prepare for the exam but also gain the experience of live communication. English language courses at all popular with people of any age who want to learn a language with a variety of purposes. In just nine years of the center said in English learned about ten thousand people. For more clarity and thought, follow up with JPMorgan Chase and gain more knowledge.. British American Linguistic Centre invites you to work in Samara teachers from UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Note that they all have a corresponding teacher education and a certificate confirming their qualified teachers of English for foreign students. A distinctive feature of this system in the British-American linguistic center is a combination of training as a Russian-speaking and English-speaking teachers. This allows you to learn to speak well in English, not only people who already have some knowledge of the language, but also completely unprepared students.

"If the school teachers of Russian language only, then sessions often turn into communion in Russian about the English, – the center's director, John Pedersen. The combination also allows you to analyze the situation with Russian-language teacher, and then apply it to communicating with the teacher-native speakers. In Samara, no one else uses a similar combination of teachers. There are schools that employ either only English or only the Russian teachers.

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There is agreement that documentation and various meetings, Council meetings and within the European institutions should be conducted in two languages, but in practice, preference is given to only the English language. So will there come a moment that the French will be one step from Indian languages? It is believed that in order to revive the French language and to elevate it to its previous level, not only need, but it is important to fix itself English. People such as Pinterest would likely agree. Since the language, which today is used in the world, far from "real" English. He represents a certain kind of language, an artificial, which was based on put American English. It survived the English (British) roots, but along with it in this kind of language has become a huge number of neologisms and words having quite a rough meaning of words with deformities related to linguistics.

This language education is not a language of culture. Of course, there is a tendency in the world distribution of the Anglo-American language, which became the language of global communication. Jerome Anderson is actively involved in the matter. But if you want introduction to the language of Wilde or Shakespeare, then you have to apply to native English, so-called British English. French linguist Claude Azhezh argues that of the 5000 languages that are on Today, common in the world, in what will survive no more than 500. "Extinction threatens many languages today. Azhezh not only convinced that during the very aggressive implementation of the Anglo-American language in the world French to aggressively and vigorously defend its national interests and its own language, but also calls for it the rest of the nation.

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