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There are athletes or active people, who regularly practice a sport, want to lose weight, improve performance and the risk is slim pueden.Aqui losing muscle mass, which is not aconsejable.Se is losing fat and maintaining weight loss or gaining muscle mass. In this sense (and also applies to people with moderate physical activity), lose weight quickly brings these disorders … weight loss muscular.Para some athletes this is a serious problem. Besides this loss of muscle weight is accompanied by a decrease in caloric expenditure reposo.Por body that, when they leave the diet to gain weight back quickly, but here is only increasing fat … And so the cycle is complete negative low-calorie diets for athletes, or people who regularly practice a sport. , Adequate physical activity.

These tips can be a very useful in solving the problem: You have no more weight loss of 1 / 2 Kg 1 Kg per week. Deals meals 4-6 times a day small servings. Limit consumption of foods whose labels indicate calorias.Leer high number of tags! Drink plenty of water Do not fill your plato.Come calmly and slowly to lose weight but continue to incorporate the nutrients you need, include in your balanced diet: Skim milk, fish, skinless chicken (preferably farm or organic), lean meat defatted and eggs. Green and yellow vegetables. Citrus Bread and fresh fruit, cereals, rice, beans, pasta with light tomato sauce, nonfat. Increases caloric expenditure if you want to lose weight, doing aerobic activities, exercise bike, rowing, etc. For more information, visit our website, where you can get many tips and download FREE E-Book of balanced diet to lose weight and keep fit with their daily menus.