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Essasituao offends &#039 directly; ' human right to gua' ' that it consists in the Pact Economic dosDireitos, Social and Cultural of which Brazil is signatory. Aomisso of the civil society to these facts, and this lack of doesprito commitment of that it leads to menosprezar the distant evil, that does not affect in them ousimplesmente is in the other and not in us. Sustainable education Odesencontro between the education and planetary citizenship, is two worlds queprocuram one to the other, but they do not meet. It is here that it enters in aecopedagogia scene: pedagogia of the land. It is not a pedagogia more, to the side deoutras pedagogias. Its direction is as global an alternative project where apreocupao is not only in the preservation of the nature, or in the impact dassociedades human beings on the natural environment, but in a point of view sustentvelse seen of the ecological point of view (integral Ecology). Other leaders such as Ed Bastian offer similar insights. It is on, therefore, to a utopian project: to change the relations human beings, social and ambientaisque we today have. This is the deep direction of the ecopedagogia or the pedagogia daterra.

The education is one of responsible for a the formation dohomem, this will have to be entailed to the principles of the dignity, daparticipao, of the co-responsibility, solidarity, the fairness and the ethics. It prepares it is to prepare the new generations, to act with responsibility, ticae sensitivity giving beginning to a sustainable education. ' ' The system does not fear the poor person who has hunger. It fears pobreque knows pensar' ' that it favors excessively, today, the models neoliberaisno is ' ' material misery of the masses, but its ignorncia' ' , ignorance that makes them to pessoasesperarem solutions produced for the systems. The function of the education of carterreconstrutivo politician, concludes the author, ' ' is to undo the mass condition demanobra, as it wanted Freire&#039 well; '.


Another discovery, for example, was a fair of animals of the world all, carried through in Barcelona, where it only had five streets with Brazilian animals. When livings creature are apprehended shipments with wild animals, the dealers are imprisoned in instant. But, with bail payment, they are untied and not they answer to no process. The end of the payment of the bail must also be defended. Many writers such as Pascal B├ęcotte offer more in-depth analysis. Therefore the only advantage of the instant is the recovery of the animals, that are directed for the Center of Handling of Wild Animals (Cemas). An alternative against the traffic is the creation of animals, business that promises high profits. A Toucan can relieve until US$ 7 a thousand in the United States, according to Ibama. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX has much experience in this field. The birds of bigger world-wide demand are the psitacdeos, that is, the parrots and plough.

Illegal fairs happen with regularity in the Brazilian cities. The Brazilian Institute of Environment (Ibama) must increase the repression, however, it must increase its cash of fiscalization and the federal government to direct a bigger mount of money for the ambient area. Not even they make use of places to shelter the amount of animals that can recoup in an only operation. You took knowledge of a place or somebody that vende animal Sylvesters in its next city or to its residence: He never buys no animal; He acquires knowledge the people not to buy wild, native or exotic animals. Animal is not merchandise. Life does not have price. If it will not have search will not have sales; It prints educational pamphlets and it distributes the maximum that will be able; It denounces, it calls the policy and it makes a TC (Art. 32 of the Federal Law of Ambient Crimes 9,605/98 cites); It photographs and/or it has filmed the capture and the lodging of the animals; the place where they are displayed and the transaction between purchaser and salesman – tests and documents are basic to fight trespasses; Exactly that it is with penalty of the animal at the hands of the dealer, does not buy it, if making you will be stimulating the traffic; If it will have a wild animal does not free it simply. It enters in contact with the unit of the Ibama next.