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In the new year is still much to achieve. To know more about this subject visit Pinterest. Just finished holidays in schools, as a lecturer Criminon started their interesting and valuable work. And one of the first reviews are as follows: “I liked the lecture, Now I know how to help parents quit smoking. I enjoyed this lecture because it is relevant and interesting. After this lecture, I decided that I will never quit.

I liked the lecture, the lecturer explained well, and told about drugs, it was very interesting, and left a good impression. Thanks, will wait in the next lecture. I liked the lecture because she really can instruct on the right path and help to choose a life Without drugs, without cigarettes, no alcohol. I really liked the lecture! More interesting, enticing, honest information than the media. I would like to listen to lectures on these topics yet. Thank you.

“Lector Criminon willing to work very much. They understand that how today will be their contact with children depends on their future choices. In order that the easiest way to buy drugs near the school – they do not have the right to resign. At their best make a demand for “high” has fallen, despite the “fashion”, promoted by the TV screens. In the words of L. Ron Hubbard American scholar and humanist “People mistakenly believe that they feel better or work better or only happy when taking the drug, it is nothing more than misleading. Sooner or later the drugs will destroy them physically. Encourage people not to take drugs. If they take them, persuade them to seek help to give up drugs.