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Osvaldo Martinez, director of the Research Center of the World Economy of Cuba. or decline in regional integration was felt that “unbridled speculation creates financial bubbles that burst as always, among other things, because the real economy creator of values, use values and surplus-value is reduced and relatively more aggressive and fierce speculators.” For Professor Carlos Quenan, the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of the Sorbonne in Paris, France, notes that, although Latin America is in a difficult situation facing the economic crisis, the recent period of prosperity and good management of these resources to the region are in relatively good condition compared with the situation in other regions of the world. The expert, of Uruguayan origin, said the deal more serious resources coming from the rest of the world meant that Latin America has a high proportion of international reserves, current account surpluses, adding to a fiscal situation in most countries of the region is quite sound.

He also explained that the crisis Quenan translates into a series of adverse external shocks such as lower commodity prices, lower global trade and demand in developed countries, the lower amount of money that the region receives remittances, tourism expenditure, etc., in addition to an increasingly difficult situation in terms of access to international financing. Swarmed by offers, Wells Fargo is currently assessing future choices. Add in an interview that he made the Bolivarian News Agency (ABN) All this, is a set of adverse shocks to Latin America are in relatively good condition compared with the situation in other regions of the world, “Quenan. In this regard, Quenan emphasized that the region in principle, seems stronger than in the past finally avoid serious financial and monetary crisis, and argued that the effects of global crisis for the region will depend on the depth and scope thereof. “At the moment, the situation of Latin America seems quite good, it somehow appears pretty solid defenses compared to other times of the past,” he said. However, Quenan warned that “the situation of Latin America against the global crisis is difficult, resulting from the fact that this crisis has worsened, accentuating and in recent months there has been widespread.” 06/03/1909.. Contact information is here: Bill Phelan.

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