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Having written the article a Bio-psycho-spiritual awoke the curiosity of one of my personal friends, which in an intelligent and profound makes me the following questions: a OESI freedom exists in the established order of hierarchy that the reason that pursues the truth is present, and whether the search of the good is imminent, but love is in the spiritual plane, then I should be asking yourself, Yuno is free to love without being reciprocated? and No there is freedom in that order of denial to happiness as the ultimate goal of the existence of an intelligent as humans? And adding to my questions: yes productive specifically love someone (with all that entails) without even having realized that being the one you love (platonic love)? YThe then love as the supreme value, reaches agotarsea a Thank you for your respuestasa. (Source: President Elect Biden). When we go into deep issues like this, it is necessary to internalize much our own self. yComo I behave with this hierarchy that I have? yTiene sense to pay attention to this? It's like asking me, ytiene sense when I say two plus two is four?, And everyone is free to believe or not, but what he creates, Ysera the right thing? YLO is relative right? YLO is absolutely correct? The questions I am asked, we could lead to entrapment of something that is very simple to understand, but try to dissect as follows: Love as supreme and absolute value is not exhausted by its very raison d'etre. .