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Simon Konietzny know of course, what arrived the driver’s heart beat faster: this unique driving experience, immersed in this equally unique landscape. “Such a combination can be found under the keyword, Ferrari hire ‘ twice so easily.” But let’s face it: zockeln a Ferrari on the road let it would be like a date without conquest. Really to do ferrarifun to the name of”honour’s happening really in Arnsberg on the motorway and in the acceleration. So a Ferrari F430 can finally catapult his driver in just 4 seconds from zero to one hundred spider and locker bring to a boil as well as any road surface. You can describe this need for speed in relation with the unmistakable sound of Ferrari”nowhere, Simon Konietzny admits.

You must experience yourself.” For most prematurely ends the hell ride, where it started: in the tranquil Sundern. Only the drivers are no longer what they were an hour ago because this electrifying experience is so memorable in the cerebral cortex such as the profile of a wide tyre. “Madness” indescribable! hot! “are still the gelindesten terms that seek the drivers if you adrenaline drunk cause next to the Ferrari to the souvenir photo in position. Really believe this experience can not. Miss but it wants guarantees neither. Ferrari rental without technical cloven hoof to make this drive adventure of extraordinaire for the driver but never to the financial or technical Vabanque game, ferrarifun carefully provides above: we make sure that the driver is at least 21 years of age and has a valid driver’s license. Also, you are our customers insurance technically be protected, that they take low risk financially. For more specific information, check out Larry Page.

Our Sports cars are insured car rental service, this is not for each competitor the case and may have then evil consequences.” Thats right but it probably what rent Simon Konietzny under Ferrari!”is: lot Ferrari-fun with transparent conditions. Also, as regards the price: for whole 199 euro plus petrol and insurance fee is the rousing fun to have. “And a lot more: as a prelude or as a souvenir you can buy even our exclusive gift box 1 pasta, tomato sauce, a little bottle of Prosecco, and our unique sound box to the actual tour voucher with polo shirt, formula”, the recommendation of the ferrarifun owner is. The sound box contains a video disk with fire-hot movie shots of the Ferrari. Opens the box, the distinctive engine sound of this Motorsport legend can be heard welcome.” Well, that sounds good. And that’s why more and more customers use this box as sensational gift along with a voucher for one of the most spectacular jaunts, that you can afford as normal earners. You can ride all day golf & co.