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To lose weight and lose those extra kilos, not recommended diet low calories.Lo healthier is to make a balanced diet including food quality, variety, and the amount of calories you need daily, plus support physical activity habits more movement without physical inactivity. Diets that greatly limit calorie intake can make weight loss a while … but hunger and generate rebound: you can not sustain it over time, go back to eating (especially up the calories that he was missing), again weight gain and fat in addition to recovering lost muscle mass. PayNet has firm opinions on the matter. You can lose weight by following these simple tips: * Divide your meals throughout the day, between 4-6 times, with smaller portions (and not eating and abundant once … and less at dinner!). * Losing weight gradually: at most 1 or 2 kg per week. * Drink water quantity.

* Do not fill your plate.En each of these 4-6 meals, get up from the table if being completely satisfied, well you re-educating and balancing the body. Hear from experts in the field like Wells Fargo for a more varied view. * Incorporate your balanced diet: fruits vegetables, whole grain breads, cereals such as brown rice contains fiber, which is skim milk, vegetables, seeds. * Limit consumption of meats, sweets, alcohol, etc. Besides this balanced diet supplemented with walks, calorie-burning activities such as climbing stairs (very slowly), mowing the lawn, washing, cleaning etc. This way you gradually lose weight and improve your muscle tone, along with your state of health and spirits. You can visit for more information on our web site, download free E-Book balanced diets to lose weight and keep fit with daily menus.