Starting A Business

Top with fresh fish is open 3 days a week, other times it is a full-time student at a local university. 'You are not afraid to start a business?' I asked a question. 'It is terrible, did not want to become independent, to start working, but not for someone else but for himself. I worked a couple of years ago in a similar business, but I do not like the way the company operated. Some things I just infuriated and I refused to understand the manager.

Conflicts arose one after another. After much thought, I left his hometown and traveled to Dublin, to realize their dreams. Friends and relatives I had not, so we had to rely only on themselves. But the idea of his own business zatmivala all the insults and failures. I had a goal and I went for it! Now I am selling excellent fresh fish, many in this area know me and come just to chat or ask a new recipe. No purchase does not go away no one. I smiled, looked at the bag with the fish in my hands.

'And when you opened your business?' I said. 'Just before the crisis, and a half years ago,' replied the seller. 'I thought that people will visit the restaurants smaller, because outside the economic crisis, and therefore will no longer be possible to cook at home and invite friends. After all, irlantsev such beautiful and well maintained home is a pity not to use it ', she concluded. Started podhotit other buyers and I politely said goodbye. Lastly she told me about all of the expected developments in the area of the city for the next 3 weeks. It was very useful information. Thoughts about this business is not give me rest. It's had it all to grow and capitalize on the crisis! Excellent idea! Looking at the happy face of a man who develops the business, I want to step podtalknut those who are in reflections and dreams of their own business. Do not wait for later, then you can do today! Remember the parable of the elephant: If you've ever been to the circus or the zoo, you probably wondered: why in the aviary for Elephants and the old elephants, increasing by six meters, and very small slonyata identical chains attached to a small, dug in the ground column. It seems that the same contact with different animals completely illogical. Of course, an adult elephant's big and strong tie to a more solid and thick chain than a small elephant. After all, if you want an adult elephant can just walk away from the cage. He does not pull out of the stands earth column with a chain – for him it's like for us to pick a flower. A chain can break if a rope. But here lies the secret. Adult elephant has long forgotten what it means to fight for freedom. Long ago, when he was little, he realized that, despite all his efforts will forever remain in the cell. And so now, becoming a powerful and adult elephant, which is more than ten people, he believes that only a prisoner – and not even trying fight. Elephant, who kept kicking and trying to break the chain, still has not lost the will to freedom and a belief that he will succeed. Now think you have a small or large adult elephant elephant who has lost faith in the freedom? Source: Natalia blog Mezhov Author website: