Solutions Attitudes

This text deals with to the crises lived deeply for airline TAM and its attitudes taken for the management of the restored crisis. Passing later to be reference for other companies ahead of its attitudes and its persistence before the society. Words Key: Crises; Solutions; Management of Crisis ARTICLE day 31 of October of 1996 was marked by a great tragedy which reed-echo in everybody. An aerial disaster occurrence in the city of So Paulo with an aircraft of company TAM mobilized the country beyond reing-echo in the world. For if dealing with (at the time) one of the biggest occurred air accidents in Brazil.

The attitudes taken in lower court for the vice-president of Marketing of the company without the ownership of a manual of crisis management, as well as the too much attitudes taken in elapsing of the situation and for the too much crises solved for had the same served of example for the proper one and other companies of aviation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill Phelan by clicking through. Its frieza and caution (characteristic of a good gerenciador of crisis had taken) it to take coherent attitudes before that situation. Therefore at a crisis moment, the first step is to have calm to be able to lead the actions in efficient way and not to unchain a effect panic cascade. Soon after this, the first attitude taken before an air accident is if to worry about the victims, verifying if has survivors and if it has possibility to save lives and to give the possible aid all. in case that it does not have survivors, must be looked for to understand what it caused the problem, that is, to make a search for the black boxes of the airplane to select what it was said and the data of the aircraft times before the fall. Therefore beyond the company the society has headquarters of information and if treating to an airplane fall, this rees-echo in a world-wide attention, not only for the interest of the victims and yes for the interest that the catastrophes despertam in the public opinion.