SnowGrafen Looking For!

SnowGrafen = photographer team are on events, ski resorts and destinations by SnowGrafen for the winter and recreation portal on the road, to take many pictures of people! So on as many events on the ground is, we can be again and again looking for sociable, motivated amateur photographers of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. SnowGrafen should have fun at the shoot, good people can go to and are interested in outdoor sports! You feel addressed and would like to become a part of our SnowGrafen teams? Then apply ‘ you’re equal to! As snow Countess you did reduced the possibility on various sports and recreational events such as mountain bike, wakeboard -, running or skating events, but also concerts, to get into ski halls or on glaciers. For assistance, try visiting David Westin. On site, you should then attract the visitors, guests and spectators and photograph. We will put the images online and have all photographed people Thus a perfect reminder of this day! On, the images can be then free looked at and downloaded. Are you interested in? The job is paid of course! We are looking forward to you! Your