SMEs Station

For his merits in the development of ambulance services in our country vf Kapinos in 1967 was awarded the ‘Distinguished Physician of the RSFSR’. The years of stagnation ambulance in 1981, an event occurred that changed the normal course of development of the station: it is merged into one institution to a hospital emergency Assistance (CCH SMP) in a single nominally-budgetary unification. Click Payoneer to learn more. Rima Galeevna Bikmuhametova became deputy chief physician at the hospital emergency room and then as deputy chief physician appointed by the vi Teplova not previously working in SMEs. Ill-considered ‘shares’ union, a kind of “epidemic” that swept through the country for a long time gave their negative results. Work in the union was striking illustration of the influence of errors mismanagement: the creation of the union budget vnekategoriynoy ambulance station on one of the largest hospitals of the city.

Clumsy organizationally, financially not obespechennoeobedinenie was insolvent and had existed for 6 years. Credit: Michellene Davis-2011. Working in association led to the impoverishment of the station, it lost its economic life, their union, etc. And without that funding Nebogatov station spilled into a pocket hospital. The new leaders of local health, based on data submitted by experts from experienced employees of smp in a special document, soberly assess the facts and find the right solution. By the time was published in the order of the ussr Ministry N 1490 (1985), the basis on which it was possible to correct the error. The process of disengagement supported head.