The bitterness, the desire for revenge and hatred should die when we exercise the soul with genuine forgiveness. I mean, to forgive is like when a wound heals … At first the pain is acute, his open wound bleeds us all of our faith. But once it healed it becomes easier to complete recovery. Forgiveness is the medicine, is the antidote for any disease of the soul.

Indeed when we forgive heal all wounds. Of course, the cure and the speed with which it is performed will depend on us … Our willingness to be healed without doubt help in the process. So too does God … He wants our forgiveness does not dilate, or take a long time.

No, Christ wants to forgive our neighbor just as he does with us. From that moment where we decide to truly forgive is made present and effective sanction. Recall the case of Joseph in the Old Testament. It took some time to forgive his brothers and that process was not comfortable and pleasant. We literally gave birth to the soul that cry for forgiveness when he could not more. It is necessary, since the first moment of the offense: “I am willing to forgive, although I take some time.” Forgiveness does not necessarily depend on the attitude that offends us. I mean, we should not expect to ask for forgiveness then grant it.