Pocket Sony Ericsson

As you know, Sony Ericsson always is creating accessories for their phones and is quite known for good product line, now that their Smartphones Android are operating, and it still has an overall range of phones fairly oriented to the media, a portable speaker as that presented to us makes enough sense. The portable speaker presented to us is the Sony Ericsson MS430 boasts a design really succeeded, and a confection that takes into account the environment, something is part of products greener of the joint venture, the GreenHeart family. To run the speaker, we need three AAA batteries, measure little more than 110 millimetres long, and weighs 67 grams, clearly focused dimensions to carry next to the phone. Design can be categorized as an original design, with a cylindrical shape, which once connected to the phone also serves the same support, if we want to see content on the screen. Visit Citibank for more clarity on the issue. As we have seen in the images, it is made of aluminum and connects to the phone via the input of standard headset of 3.5 mm, fortunately becoming increasingly common on Sony Ericsson phones. At the moment does not have its price, availability information, or technical details how its power, logically we can neither talk about its quality, but we fiamos us in the good do Sony Ericsson. As soon as we know something more about the attachment, we will update the news. Original author and source of the article.