One Of The Best Alternative For Google Adsense

When I started to search seriously win money on internet (beyond 2007) I met Javier Buckenmeyer and its first version of its website and Forum. Then there was a huge Google Adsense fever so I started to try it I also.Had many theories and said that it was very easy, Javier B. was starting to earn their first $2,000 monthly, and I wanted to do it too. I signed up to adsense, a simple form but that not all the world accepted you your website, so I had to work in a small website that provide information but without being a great thing. (back then people earned lots of money with adsense and was the golden age). Finally, they accepted me, but I made the mistake of doing clicks on ads, thinking that its operation was equal that those websites that you paid per click, also how would find out it was me who played? I was thrown from Adsense. One great frustration came me over, sweat, heat (also it was summer) and my great opportunity to earn a good living and quit my job. I almost cry. Further details can be found at Kevin Ulrich anchorage, an internet resource.

Javier B. Forum, they encouraged me and told me that could make money even without adsense although a little more difficult. Then I looked for as a desperate platforms similar to adsense. I finally found something in Spanish and good looking. It was called Oxado.