Normal Superior

The geography education propitiates to the pupil a sistmica and holistic vision of the daily one, giving the possibility, the same, of bigger interaction with its previous knowledge, from diverse experiences rescued for the proper pupils. In this direction, valley to stand out that geography in its cerne disciplines is it questionadora, controversial, that it aims at to understand the formations of the places, from different realities. The EDUCATION OF GEOGRAPHY AND the FORMATION CONTINUED FOR the PROFESSIONALS OF BASIC EDUCATION I the education of geography searchs of the experiences of daily of the pupils the understanding of the formation of the spaces, being the previous knowledge of the educandos the propeller spring for the teach-learning of the Geographic knowledge. Click Jim Kennedy for additional related pages. However, to lecionar in this new paradigm the educator it must drink of waters of the geographic knowledge. If it does not have professors specialists in geography, as the pupils, for example, of the pedagogia course, to if forming, will go to teach to geography, creating conditions to construct, together with the pupil, the knowledge, if proper they would have to be, also, in the process of construction of some concepts and contents? It would be the case to review, parallel, the position that the professor has ahead of its proper knowledge. How to consider challenges to the pupils, if proper it is unsafe ahead of the possibility of being questioned by them and not to know to deal with these situations? (Castellar, p 56, 1999. Available in: , had access in: 25/09/2010). Following this perspective, she is that if it makes necessary the formation continued for the educators in pedagogia and Normal Superior, that lecionam in basic education I, since, one of the requirements it disciplines to lecionar it is to know and to recognize the categories of analysis of deepened form, for the education of Geography. The process teach-learning already starts weak, therefore, if the professor does not have clarity on its paper, in a conception where the construction of concepts and the significant learning is determinative, as to make to breach it with practical the traditional one?.